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photography post dcgI need some mama time. Sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone. I think all mamas will agree that there is a point when you just want a few hours without your children, some quality time to yourself, doing something you enjoy or just having the opportunity to not have to change a nappy or wipe the spit up from your top.

Well, last month I decided that the time had come for me to treat myself. Since having children I have developed a love for photography. I enjoy capturing that natural smile, that moment of love and those special occasions that you want to look back on. The problem was that I have an amazing DSLR camera that we were gifted for our wedding and it has consistently remained on auto for the last 4 years.

Tonya_L1_In_ActionA friend of mine recommended Gulf Photo Plus for their huge variety of courses and their patient and skilled teachers.  I investigated the different workshops on offer. They was availability with many instructors on a variety of times and days in the month which accommodates everyone, from those that can escape in the mornings whilst their children are at school, to those that need to wait for their husbands to take the reins at the weekends. There are also one-on-one courses available from the comfort of your own home.

photography post 2I booked the beginner Digital Photography Level One course, an 8-hour introduction one for those with little or no prior knowledge of your camera or composition (that’s me!!). I was pleasantly surprised to find on day 1 of the course that the classes were small and so you are given the opportunity to get one-on-one help or ask as many questions as you like. As the other eager students introduced themselves, it was interesting to see that many were like me, and were not here to learn photography to become professionals. They were mums who wanted to be able to take gorgeous pictures of their babes for their photo frames and to send to relatives abroad. It made me think, how many more of you are out there!?

Photography postThe course was very comprehensive covering everything a beginner needs to learn, from knowing your camera to choosing accessories such as memory cards and tripods.  It covered the theory aspects of exposure as well as guidelines and advice on composition. There was a lot of practical work too where you can put your learnings into action.  Lastly the instructor also offered some great personal tips and by the end of the course all I wanted to do was practice what I had learnt.

So mamas, if you are interested in trying your hand at something new, these courses at Gulf Photo Plus are definitely worth a look.  I will be practicing my newfound skills over the summer and am sure to look into the level two course, once I am up to speed… I loved my “me time” and it made me rush home excited to see my children.  I was also refreshed to be able to talk to my husband about something other than the kids and work when he returned home in the evenings.  We all need a break, mamas.  So whether it’s a photography course like this one, or doing something else that you love, make sure you manage to indulge in a bit of time to yourself, it will make you a better mama for sure.

Gulf Photo Plus,
Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz

8 hour Digital Photography Class, Level One
USD 199 (Approx AED 730)

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