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Pregnant Mama: The Prenatal Programme at Smart Fitness

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When it comes to pregnancy, you’ve got two choices, mamas, you can either take full advantage and eat everything on offer and “eat for two” as so many of us do!

Guilty as charged…! Or alternatively we can be wise and prepare our bodies for childbirth, which is an extreme sport in itself – clearly number two is the best option. However, it’s also daunting decision to make, as who knows what our bodies can endure during pregnancy?! Well don’t be scared, as the team at Smart Fitness have all the answers and our resident Sassy Mama Preggo team member Michelle Farrell has tried and tested the Smart Fitness Prenatal programme.

When I first visited the Smart Fitness Gym, I was due to sign up for their body transformation programme… In a bid to remove my fabulous love handles and excess blubber that I still have from my son (who’s now 21 months old…?!). Little did I realise that one week later I would find out that I was pregnant! So… I joined the Smart Fitness Prenatal six week programme designed to prepare your body for labour, birth and postnatal recovery.

The team at Smart Fitness are not only made up of fully qualified midwife, pre-natal exercise specialists and an expert in Human Movement Science and Physiology and Biokinetics… meaning they know what our bodies can and can’t do (which already sounds to good to be true…) They’ve also created a fantastic, medical approved pre-natal exercise group that is carefully planned and focused towards improving health, reducing problems both during pregnancy and after (diastasis recti, or ‘ab separation’, included) and to provide the highest number of benefits for you and your baby.

The team are so passionate and enthusiastic about getting to know all the team, we even have a very entertaining team WhatsApp group which share’s photos and sometimes funny videos of our efforts through-out the day… This team is truly fantastic and just the kind of support you need when pregnant! The work-outs change each session meaning we never get bored, whether we’re bear crawling along the ground or pulling a trainer along the ground using a rope, each week there’s a new challenge.

For me, being in my first trimester and suffering from all the pregnant woes that comes with that, such as tiredness, nausea and being a sheer hormonal mess… I’ve found the class great at keeping my stress-levels reduced and even giving more energy.. bonus! During the first few weeks of the programme the all-round muscle pain was intense, I didn’t even know some of these muscles existed… This was partially due to my lack of muscle tone and I can now safely say after 5 weeks, I’ve got buns and guns of steel and a beautifully growing bump!! I’ve even found that my on-going lower back pain has reduced dramatically, this was all down to lack of butt and leg muscle tone and a bad posterior chain which the team have thankfully helped me regain strength.

The programme focuses specifically focuses on the posterior chain, the upper back, the core and cardiovascular fitness… All of these factors have numerous benefits that include shortening your labour, reduces your chances of C-section, promotes healthy blood flow to the placenta, encourages healthy posture alignment reducing lower back pain…. And many more! And if that’s not enough, you get to meet some wonderful pregnant mamas in the process as you’ll work as a team in training and support one-another. I can’t express how much I’ve loved being pushed to the max in a safe environment with these fabulous pregnant ladies and the wonderful trainers reassuring us through-out the programme.

This programme gets an all-round thumbs up from the Sassy Mama team and I’ll be continuing the training until the big day arrives at the beginning of December! So if your pregnant and want to get involved, you can sign up at any time to join the programme, with a monthly membership of AED 900, you’ll have access to all classes (running three times per week – Sundays, Tuesday and Thursday’s and you can choose the 11am or 5.30pm class timings, you’ll also have full access to the gym facilities and a team of trainers will be at your beck and call should you require anything… And, a midwife, in case you go into labour!

Written by Michelle Farrell

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