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The Bump: Julia Kaldelis-Eiser Chats All Things Pregnancy

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Meeting Some Of Dubai’s Mamas-To-Be & Their Beautiful Bumps!

Our beautiful mama-to-be this month has a high-flying legal career and one of the sassiest instagram accounts in Dubai  (check out @roadtrip_chic for a big dose of pretty!). Originally from Germany, Julia is now expecting her first baby – a little girl – in 3 months time. We caught up with her about everything from her favourite baby books to fashion and fitness with a bump in tow.

Where were you when you first found out you were pregnant?

I was in the office when I received a call from my OB. All urine tests had tested negative and only the blood test brought the “surprise”. It was definitely the most exciting call that day.



Your funniest memory over the nine months?

One night my hubby and I were on the sofa when the baby was doing some crazy dance moves in my belly. My husband saw my tummy going from left to right and started shouting in shock (as it must have looked really scary) “OMG, this is crazy, don’t look at it Julia, don’t look” (as if I couldn’t feel what’s happening south of my ribs).”

Any great books and resources that you turn to for baby preparation?

I really enjoyed reading the book “Expecting better” by Emily Oster. She examines all the common pregnancy “do’s” and “dont’s” and reveals what’s the research behind certain “rules” and if there’s really even a truth to it or not. Actually it was the only book I felt I really learnt something when reading it.

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What’s Been Your Easiest Trimester So Far?

I’m at the end of my second trimester now. So far, apart from the leg cramps (who needs an alarm, when your calves know that it’s time to get up?!) it’s been a relatively easy journey. No morning sickness and super high energy levels (almost seems like a curse sometimes).

Do you follow a fitness programme while pregnant?

Having had diabetes even before pregnancy I’m kind of forced to work out. So I’m usually going to the gym 3 times a week for 1hour (30-40min cardio, then light weights and stretching). I’m actually super grateful to my body how it’s been handling all the changes and different stages of pregnancy so far.

Any fashion tips and tricks for maternity dressing?

Actually I always thought I would stop shopping once I’m pregnant cause nothing would fit anymore and everything would look…well… just wrong. To the contrary: The belly is a challenge and inspiration at the same time. Nowadays’ fashion is so maternity compatible. I like loose dresses with a belt above the belly (treated myself with a Gucci one I wanted for a while) or stretchy tight skirts and dresses with longer cardigans on top. As for the few actual maternity pieces that I bought, I can only recommend Asos (especially their leather look maternity leggings) – fast delivery, huge choice and budget friendly.

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What have you struggled with most of being pregnant?

Hm, no big struggles. Apart from accepting certain inevitable changes in my body shape I think the most annoying thing are the hobby commentators around you. At the beginning things like “don’t do this, don’t do that, you are pregnant” or “where is the belly?” or “oh yes, now your belly really popped” or my favorite “you can’t see the belly yet but yes, your face looks pregnant”, could really set me off.

What kind of delivery are you hoping for

At the moment it’s planned that I will deliver by c-section.

Name a mama you find inspiring and why?

My mama. She is my role model, she is the most loving mum I could have wished for, giving her everything for me and with an amazing career. As she is quite relaxed, liberal and tolerant when it comes to everything relating to pregnancy, so do I try to be. I often think “Our parents didn’t know or didn’t have XYZ… and hey most of us turned out pretty ok. So no stress!”

The Bump pregnancy feature

What are your thoughts about finding out the sex in advance?

While I love surprises at Christmas:-) both my husband and I said that we wanted to know if it’s a boy or a girl as soon as possible. Especially as it seemed a real challenge to find a name that we both liked.

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Any local businesses that make your pregnancy journey easier?

I’m still looking for that perfect pregnancy massage. That would be real life saver. So far I have only been to two places but they were SO careful that it felt more like an hour of cuddling than anything else ;-).

Do you have any weird and wonderful cravings?

I was always a brekkie-person but ever since pregnancy I can’t function without my morning oats with milk and berries. My husband is already scared if the clock hits 10am and he knows I haven’t had my cerial bowl. Without dairy in the morning I can turn from “sweet” to “monster” within the blink of an eye.


Where will you be having your baby and who is your OBGYN?

If everything goes well I’ll be delivering in Al Zahra hospital. My OB is Dr Josza from Health Bay Clinic – most definitely the best doctor I ever had. Big recommendation!

What are you most looking forward to about motherhood?

I guess like every mum-to-be I can’t wait to have our little girl with us all day, every day, give her all my love, taking care of her, buying her cute little clothes and seeing her developing every single day. But speaking of motherhood and the years to come I’m so much looking forward to traveling with her and showing her all the beautiful places in this world.

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