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The Bump: Zahirah Marty, PR Maven of Think Liquorice

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A Beautiful Mama-To-Be

We love sharing in the excitement of pregnancy and have been following Zahirah Marty (Nee Variawa), Managing Director of boutique PR and brand building agency Think Liquorice, blogger behind and curator of a seriously gorgeous Instagram feed (check out @mrszahmarty). Noah Hamdan Marty, her first little bundle of joy arrived just a few days ago! From weird and wonderful cravings to attempting weird yoga moves with a growing belly, this mama-to-be shares it all, along with some of her beautiful photos.

Where were you when you first found out you were pregnant?
At home in Dubai. I had a funny feeling for the few days before that something was different about my body so woke up one morning and did a few home tests – and I was right.

Your funniest memory over the nine months?
Realising that I was probably too big for certain yoga moves… when I landed like a blob on the mat rather than a graceful pelvic lift.


Any great books and resources that you turn to for baby preparation?
Andrew and I both have been around many little ones growing up. I had babysat and been quite involved in the lives of my little cousins so I was quite comfortable with babies. I did get great books from friends and family and I did read one or two a few nights before bed. The ‘What to Expect’ mobile app was very useful and if I had specific questions I’d google it, but I made a conscious effort to limit the resources and not overwhelm myself with too much information. There was a DVD I was given from a friend on breastfeeding that I would swear by – it’s from the 90’s but just good old school midwife advice.

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What was the easiest trimester and which one has proved most difficult?
The second trimester was definitely the easiest – I felt as though it was the best of all worlds. I had a visible bump so enjoyed ‘seeing’ my pregnancy without too much fatigue, and felt a renewed energy come over me. It was the time when dressing the bump was fun, taking a babymoon and really enjoying my pregnancy.

The most challenging if I had to choose a time was the last trimester and the last few weeks of it specifically. I will work right up to the last day and driving, getting around and dressing etc was uncomfortable – particularly in the heat. On the whole, I’ve had a great pregnancy with very little to complain about. I did feel that the last few weeks dragged on a little as we wait for him to arrive.

Do you follow a fitness programme while pregnant?
Fitness was a big part of my pregnancy right until the last 3 weeks when I found it quite tough and had to slow down a fair bit. I’d gym to a relatively normal program for most of the pregnancy, but doing much lighter weights and less core work. I started prenatal yoga soon after finding out I was pregnant and added in private reformer classes once a week too. Until about week 35 I did aqua spin at Fairmont The Palm which I loved – anything in water was always enjoyable as it took the weight off my back. All up, for most of the pregnancy, I did one or other form of exercise at least 4-5 times a week.


Any fashion tips and tricks for maternity dressing?
Tips: Don’t spend a lot. You outgrow your clothes every few weeks and you can look great for less with incredible options like Asos Maternity. I did an online buy every 6 weeks of small items as I was still attending many events and PR functions and didn’t want to look drab. Looking good while pregnant is a lot about comfort and you can achieve style and comfort quite easily. Forget the size tag and embrace the changes your body is going through. Most importantly – have fun. I’m already feeling like I’ll miss this bump dearly.

What have you struggled with most since being pregnant?
Resting and letting go. Having always been someone who is in control and a slight workaholic it’s been really tough to rest and start loosening the reigns on my company. I’m already booking in Skype calls and meetings over the week or two I’m due to deliver – partly because I love what I do but in all honesty, also because I haven’t learned to step back. Nothing prepares you for that inner struggle. Or for the change, a child brings I’m commonly told.

What kind of delivery are you hoping for?
Natural, but I have ticked a big bold yes next to epidural too.


What are your thoughts about finding out the sex in advance?
It was an absolute certainty for us that we would find it out. I’m a planner, and knowing what I was having was crucial for me. Andrew was of the same opinion so we did the blood test and found out at 11 weeks. If I had more I’d do it again – it makes organising and preparing that much easier and I believe that if the technology is available to safely and effectively help you along – ‘why not’.

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Any local businesses that make your pregnancy journey easier?
Tons! I started my blog as a platform to journal my experiences and the response has been incredible – there are so many great people and businesses in Dubai who have reached out and been very supportive.

KLynne, Mamas, and Papas, Mamas Box to mention a few who have all been so good with support and guidance, but also getting me what I needDISC in Healthcare City has been the dream team for my back!

Do you have any weird and wonderful cravings?
I can’t say I did. I had periods of about 2 weeks where I had a few rounds of McDonalds, Magnum ice creams, and 2 minute noodles but nothing weird and wonderful. I feel like a missed out a bit.


Where will you be having your baby and who is your OBGYN?
Mediclinic City Hospital and Dr. Helena Taylor

What are you most looking forward to about motherhood?
Having a little bestie to take on the world with!

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All photos take from the blog and Instagram page of Zahirah Marty

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