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Valentine’s Day Recipe: Easy Peasy Raw Vegan Chocolate

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Raw vegan hazelnut butter filled chocolate that will love you right back!

Is there any better way to say “I love you” than with raw beautiful hand-made chocolates? No, I didn’t think so! As always, this recipe is so easy to do you could even get the kids involved… If you trust them near your chocolate that is…

This chocolate recipe will truly love you right back and here’s 3 reasons why, mamas:

choc prep

1. It’s refined sugar free

No hidden nasty sugar in here. I have used coconut sugar (available from, which is considered low glycemic index (35 on the scale which is considered “low” – sugar is about 100!), plus it’s full of natural minerals right from the coconut flower.

2. It will keep you young from the inside out

Chocolate (cacao, which is what chocolate is made from, comes from the cocoa plant) is the number 1 antioxidant food in the WORLD! It will help keep you from aging, literally, as it fights off those aging free-radicals! It’s higher in antioxidants than green tea and wine. Chocolate also contains protein, good fats, calcium, iron, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, and magnesium, which is essential for the correct functioning of the brain… And we all need that after baby-brain!

3. It will make you happy

Cacao contains a natural pick-me-up compound called theobromine – this will give you a nice little lift in mood and alertness, which means that a raw chocolate drink or desert will give you a similar kick to that of coffee, but in a healthier and raw way.

… Do you really need any more reasons to eat chocolate?

I am often asked about brands I like to use in my recipes and there is one band I LOVE when it comes to chocolate and that is Big Tree Farms in Bali. When it comes to conscious chocolate making, these guys are the real deal – fair-trade, organic, beautiful and clean factory – I can’t fault them other than I wish I lived in their factory! You can buy this brand on internationally. I also like Sunfoods for my superfoods products, available on



Yields: about 30 pieces


• 2 cup raw cacao butter, melted bain-marie style – careful not to burn your butter!
• ¾ cup raw cacao powder
• 3 TBS toasted carob powder
• 1 tsp vanilla powder
• pinch – 1/4 tsp pink salt
• 1/4 cup powdered coconut sugar (place in a blender and pulse until you get a nice powder texture and not grainy) – you can use up to ½ cup for a sweeter version
• about 1/4 cup of hazelnut butter for the filling


• In a high speed blender, blend the butter, cacao powder, vanilla, carob, salt and sugar
• Taking your chocolate molds (I used heart ones!), pour the mixture into the individual molds until each is just less than half full.
• Place the tray into the fridge for at least 2 hours – check the chocolate is set.
• Next, using a teaspoon, gently place a small thin blob of the hazelnut butter into each mold, placing it thinly in the middle of each chocolate base so it doesn’t squeeze out of the sides, allowing enough space for an extra layer of chocolate on top
• Fill each hole with the remaining chocolate sauce and again allow to set in the fridge.
• Store in the fridge or freezer
• Make sure to make with love – food has energy!

If you’d like to know more about my raw food chocolate workshops where you can learn to make your own healthy chocolate, you can email me at


SWALK (sealed with a loving kiss) and Happy Valentine’s!

Please note, this article is not intended to provide medical advice and you should always consult your medical care practitioner before changing your diet and that of your baby.

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