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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Newborn Baby Shoot

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Sassy Mama Katy captures those precious newborn moments with The Studio Dubai

Mamas if you’re expecting then our advice to you would be to book your newborn baby photo shoot in advance of your delivery (seriously – as nuts as that may sound).  Newborns take the best pictures within the first two weeks of birth as they are asleep 99.9% of the time and still comfortable in the super cute fetal position, which make it easier for the photographer to manipulate their body without disturbing them too much. The aim of a newborn photo shoot is to successfully be able to pose a sleeping baby and capture the moment when they’re brand new to the world and so teeny tiny, creating lots of memories for years to come.

Nikka is Head of Family Photography at The Studio Dubai, a super cool space in Al Quoz that’s professional home to a tea of awesome photographers. She’s loved by children and parents for her soft, fun and loving approach during photo shoots – she has the patience of a saint and a connection with people that makes every shoot so natural and totally comfortable.


With Nikka’s help we’ve put together 5 reasons why you should consider scheduling your newborn in for a photo shoot.

1. Capturing the moments that matter for your family is so important, so that you always remember how tiny and precious your little baby was. They grow SO fast, it’s hard to believe just how quickly time flies and sad to think that you will forget just how small they first are!

2. You could use one of the adorable newborn pics on lovely ‘thank you’ cards to send to family & friends as a gesture of appreciation for gifts. There are plenty of props to choose from like swaddles, fluffy blankets, baskets or bunny ears – it just adds that extra cuteness factor! And plenty of poses help too.


3. Get the best results. Professional lighting that is set up to be comfortable for the baby to sleep in will make sure you get the best results. An experienced family photographer will know just how to handle babies and get them into the sweetest poses – and equally knows what doesn’t work!

4. Your family has just grown in size – celebrate this by getting a big canvas or framed montage of your newborn baby ready to hang on your wall. The Studio Dubai offers a framing service and any size prints depending on your requirements.


5. Come prepared. The session may take up to two hours – we don’t rush our newborn shoots, they are done at the baby’s pace (and sometimes little people can be unpredictable!). The room will be warm as the baby will have little clothes on so we make sure that they’re always at a cosy temperature. Bring lots of your usual baby supplies, and remember a full baby, equals a happy baby – so if you need to feed then that’s no problem at all.

For more information please contact Nikka:

The Studio Dubai, The Courtyard Al Quoz, Tel: (+971) 04 347 1745,


Thanks to our Sassy Mama Katy and her little boy Tobias, who was wonderful and so cute to photograph!

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