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The Coolest Out Of The Ordinary After-School Kids Classes In Dubai

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Football, cricket, gymnastics – they’re all great mamas but what if your tiny tyke is looking for something a little bit different? Whether they’re aspiring to be the next Steve Jobs, wanting to channel their inner artist or just keen to go against the flow, these are a few of Dubai’s coolest out-of-the-ordinary kids classes.


According to these guys, art can be created by anyone (seriously, even those squiggles are a masterpiece in the making mamas). With classes for kids aged 2 and up, Kidzart are all about giving little ones the confidence to doodle and draw to their heart’s content – and to eventually put lines together to make pictures. Whether they’re petit Picasso’s in the making or perfecting their own particular style, these classes will help them do it. 


Get the munchkins popping and locking at the Tempo Dance Centre where an expert team guarantees the very best tuition in this awesome street dance form. They’ll be stealing the floor at every opportunity mamas! Available for age 6 upwards.


Give me an S, give me an A – you get the picture mamas – any little girl who’s watched American movies and loves the idea of shaking pompoms and learning some sassy moves including tumbling, cheer jumps, dances and tons more. Little cheerleaders of 4 years and up are encouraged to chant, cheer and be loud – sounds like so much fun we’d like a go ourselves! 


If he or she is already showing signs of being a genius then channel all that brain power into learning to strategise at chess. Fun, safe and the perfect way to learn the art of logical thinking, planning and foresight – they say that kids who play chess will go on to do great things – frankly that’s reason enough for us to jump on this bandwagon. Chess Dubai offer classes for little ones aged 4 and up to master the art of the board. They’ll be saying ‘checkmate’ in no time. Classes are available in JBR, JLT, Jess Jumeirah and Horizon International. 


Calling all computer geeks – or actually any little one with an interest in computer programming, apps and an ambition to be the next Steve Jobs. The Coding Circle is an awesome club that makes computer literacy fun (honestly!), teaching kiddos ages 7 and up how to work in a team on projects ranging from e-commerce sites to charity platforms. Next stop – Silicon Valley! 


Cooking at Top Chef

There’s nothing we love more than seeing our bubs help out at home, and this could be just the class to get them to cook more than questionable toast. Their Mini Chef classes are targeted for 7 to 12 year olds, and they get a chance to make sweet treats like Banana Bread with Walnuts, and Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies (we’re not quite sure now much will make it back to the house!). Rumor has it they make a heavenly S’mores Milkshake – simultaneously every mama’s dream and nightmare! If you’re looking to join in, they have a Parent-Child Saturday Lunch Fever Class for kids up to the age of 14. Options here tend to be healthier (chicken wrap with avocado? Yum!), and they’re held just in time for lunch!

Drum Class

Kiddo wants to learn an instrument but isn’t so keen on the idea of piano or violin? Little rockers who got rhythm and beat will love a go at the drums – a fab way to release lots of energy, focus the mind – and just make a lot of noise! Be prepared to line your spare room with egg cartons mamas, your little drummer will be demanding a kit next Christmas. 

Fashion Designing

Is your tot so stylish they are putting your jeans and tee ensemble to shame? Often trying to persuade your 8 year old not to cut up their clothes into new concoctions? FDK will help them channel that overflowing creativity into practical classes, and really develop that passion! Students learn how to create their own designs, through Mood Boards, learning how to sketch, cut & construct (with guidance on basic sewing) and more. Specific classes are targeted for different ages and abilities (from 8+), and there are even classes for mamas too! Your little budding designer will even get to showcase at a mini fashion show for the parents – and take home a unique item of clothing that they have designed and created!



Golf? We’re in! (not just because it means cute little polos, instead of unwashed pajamas)! The Dubai Golf Junior Programme is designed specifically for six to seventeen year olds, and they cater to each individual’s level. With a maximum of six children per instructor, you can be sure of safety and coaching quality! 50 minutes classes run over a term (for 8 or 15 weeks), and they even give out an instructional DVD covering their lesson content. If their lessons go really well, why not treat them to glow-in-the-dark mini golf – perfect as a special reward for graduating up a level (they get certificates from the club too)! What are you waiting for mama, pick between their two gorgeous locations, and start shopping for golf gear!

Hula Hooping

Our fave hooping classes are now available for the kids too – yippee! The 6 week course teaches all of the basic skills plus lots of cool little moves and tricks that’ll motivate and inspire – all to a funky beat and with the nicest set of instructors who will make everyone feel special, whether they’ve hooped before or not.



If your kiddo dreams of being a superhero (which kid doesn’t), is climbing the walls at home and insisting on using every piece of furniture to jump from then this is the activity to go for. Parkour DXB offer classes for all levels (yes mama, you can have a go too!) and aim to build a ‘strong body and focused mind’. They are busy building Dubai’s first community of young ninjas aged 6 years and up, teaching little ones a  huge range of skills, heaps of confidence – and generally just loads of very cool stuff.
www.parkour DXB

Robot Making

Offering crazy cool classes for kiddos from the age of 7 up, Fun Robotics is the first KHDA-approved robotics center in Dubai! It provides the smaller (…smarter) versions of us with the right skills to advance their learning, and express their creativity in a modern and practical way! Even the 7+ class sounds pretty exciting (and complex!) to us, with model building, sensor and motor use, and linking the work to a computer – we’re not sure we’ll be able to keep track of everything they’ll be learning! Their programs work to share knowledge, apply it in different contexts, and build on further creative ideas – and here’s to secretly hoping our little ones will be able to fix all our laptop bugs from now on…

girl singing

Singing Classes

Future pop stars might like to boost their vocal skills at DUCTAC where a huge range of classes are available for kiddos aged 6 and up. From rock school to popjazz, musicals to basic vocal techniques and rhythm – if you often catch your little one belting out ‘let it go’ in the mirror then this class might be the perfect first step to the recording studio.

Skiing and Snowboarding

When you think of fun things to do in Dubai, skiing and snowboarding are definitely not the first ideas that come to mind. Fun for the whole family, this is the world’s largest indoor snow park, housing an amazing 3,000 square meters of super soft snow! So trade your flip-flops in for some snow boots and take your littles to Ski Dubai at the Playmania! Not only will they master the slopes, they’ll do it far faster than us! There’s something about their height and lack of fear that makes kiddos learn to navigate that white ice quicker than most mamas! With an indoor zip-line, a free penguin show and birthday packages – what more are you looking for? This is the perfect sport to learn as a family before booking that ski holiday you’ve been dreaming about!

Synchronised Swimming

Got a little 5 year or older wannabe mermaid? Then synchronised swimming with Synquatics is THE thing to do. Kids will learn how to master specific hand and leg movements to control the water, complete with choreography and music! The teacher line up is impressive with a vast experience in synchronised swimming and all students are divided up according to skill level- safety first. Needless to say, this is for confident swimmers only. Think it sounds like fun? Well they offer classes for adults too. Get in that pool mamas! 

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