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Sassy Mama Chats with Pixie Curtis & Mama Roxy

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Clear the way mamas, we’re introducing Instagram royalty to Sassy Mama Dubai! 3 ½ year old Pixie Curtis, dubbed by Buzzfeed as the ‘Princess of Instagram’, is here in the desert city to promote her adorable fashion accessory line Pixies Bows and we caught up with her PR guru mama Roxy Jacenko of The Apprentice fame. From jet-setting to building a brand, Roxy gave us the dish…

Can you tell us how Pixie became such a mini sensation? When and how did this all come about?

During the time I was on Celebrity Apprentice, several PR companies started sending Pixie gifts from the brands they represented. I was so low on time that to ensure that I could thank them I thought I would set up an Instagram – it then just took off when Buzz Feed jumped on board and posted an article labelling Pixie as “the Princess of Instagram”.

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What advice would you give to any other mamas out there on Instagram?

I think that the biggest part of our success with Instagram is the fact that it’s not all pre-planned. It just happened by accident, what you see is real and as it happens, coupled with some quirky captions. It just works! I think the minute you try and make your child do something that they don’t want to do, it won’t look real or authentic and the fun of it is lost. The biggest bit of advice is just to let it happen! Don’t try and manufacture it. Authenticity is everything.

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How do you keep Pixie grounded – does she realise that she’s become such a celebrity or do you think she’s still too young to understand?

She is a funny little thing, she loves to scroll through the images and laughs as she does so. Keeping in mind that she’s just 3 ½ she really doesn’t realise it, though I don’t doubt she finds it a little odd that people come up to her and ask for a photo!


Are you planning to create a similar buzz around your little boy Hunter?

Pixie’s Instagram was all by accident; not something I put my mind to and thought, right, this is what I am going to do. I don’t have plans to create one for Hunter – he is happy banging everything in the house with his little wooden hanger. He isn’t so interested in looking at the phone!

If Pixie could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?

Without question, it would be swimming. She’s just learning now and will swim rain, hail or shine. Also, I think if she was allowed to she would do so in a princess dress – she is OBSESSED with them!


We love Pixie’s bow collection – did Pixie herself have much involvement in how they looked and what she wanted? Does she have a clear idea of how she wants to dress and look already? Our little girls certainly do!

She helps me with the colours and tries every style for comfort, as well as to ensure that they’re secure. Kids move around so much, it was vital to ensure that we spent a lot of time perfecting the bows, from the non slip pad on the back of each bow to the stiffening treatment applied to the grosgrain ribbon. We really want to ensure that they’re perfect and parents get longevity from the collection.

There is no doubt Pixie is VERY fussy about what she wears. It’s almost a squabble each day to get her out the door, often disregarding what I lay out for her and pulling out her own ensemble – which more often than not is a total hotch potch!

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What do you plan to do with Pixie for fun during your time in Dubai? Is there anything you’d love to see?

I would love to go camel riding and take on the sand dune buggies with her. We’re also looking forward to exploring the pool and incredible Atlantis Hotel where we will be staying – and of course, hitting the shops!


Your company The Ministry Of Talent represents the most amazingly inspirational bloggers and companies, creating and managing their social media personalities. Can you tell us where you think social media is going, what the biggest mistakes people make are and what your top 5 tips for creating a successful social media presence would be?

I think social media has opened up a whole new world for brands, products and services. At the same time, I think for any business, the power of traditional media such as TV, radio, magazines and newspapers cannot be forgotten. Coupled with social media, we have incredible opportunity to let the world know about great things that until now may well have been out of reach.

My top tips:

  • Don’t over filter and steer clear of body altering applications – keep your imagery REAL and AUTHENTIC!
  • Colour and Depth is everything – spend time perfecting your shots. Instagram is your visual diary.
  • Hashtag and check in – it will always help you grow your Instagram following.
  • Don’t exploit yourself by placing imagery on social media that’s inappropriate. I’ve never understood why people post sexualised imagery on social media. Once you put it’s on social media, you’ll never be able to retrieve it. Keep it wholesome and tasteful.
  • Mix up your content and make use of Instagram videos for a change. Video content on Instagram has been slow to pick up likes versus the power of still imagery, but variation is everything!


What’s the best piece of parenting advice you have ever received and that you’d like to pass on to other mamas?

Be calm and patient. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do as making mistakes is all part of learning for both parent and child, it only makes your bond stronger.

What’s the funniest memory of Pixie you have?

Every day is funny! I can’t pinpoint it to be honest… it’s the say what you really think mentality that comes with being 3 ½ that makes everyday a bundle of laughs!

What does 2015 and beyond hold for the Curtis family?

Good health, happiness and continued success is all I can wish for!

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