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Sassy Mama Gets Her Skates On With The Kiddos At Dubai Ice Rink

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My eldest daughter is 3 years old and is a huge fan of Peppa Pig, she knows every episode off by heart but her absolute fave is when Peppa goes Ice Skating. She’s also recently become obsessed with Frozen (she’s Anna!) which has only added to her fascination with all things ice – to the point where she tries to ‘skate’ in her smooth soled shoes on any shiny surface. Mama KNEW that the time had come  to get her skates on and try out the real thing!

dubai ice rink

So last week off we went to Dubai Mall Ice rink after a little online research to find out which times would be best and what the cost would be –  AED 120 in total for us both to rent boots plus a helmet and a penguin pal for my little girl (this is a balance aid for the kiddos, see below).


Amara was so excited to get her skates on and actually kept her balance pretty well. We walked hand in hand to the rink, where a very kind staff member said he had some free time so would be happy to assist with her skating (perfect!). Once on the ice, her face lit up and she was happy to pose with and without her penguin pal for pics.

IMG_5948 (2) IMG_5933

I felt a very proud mama moment as she took to the ice surprisingly well – she held her balance and listened to everything the instructor was saying to her, gripping the penguin pal handles with me staying by her side. She made her first loop of the rink and was eager to go again . This time the instructor asked her to push the penguin away and skate around unassisted. She did so with ease and never fell. Her confidence was growing when the inevitable happened and she had a little slip up (only once though) – her hands touched the ice at which point she started crying, “Mama, you never bought me any gloves, my hands are cold!” Oops!

IMG_5962 (2)

I lifted her up and back on her skates so as she could carry on going – at this point the kind instructor had to leave us but there was no stopping Amara now and she insisted on going again so I took her round the rink a few more times.

As the rink wasn’t busy (only 3 or 4 people practicing their jumping skills), we felt like we had the ice to ourselves. It was just perfect and a beautiful way for Amara to first experience skating, just like her best friends Peppa and Anna!

Let your little ones (min. 3 years old) learn to skate with the Penguins Pals the new skating aids at Dubai Ice Rink. Stable and Safe, they help with building confidence on ice, and have handles on either side of their heads for a little ones to get a tight grip. Besides helping children learn to skate they are simply fun and cool.

Price AED 30 per hour only! Only for children under 100cm in height.

Dubai Ice Rink, The Dubai Mall, Dubai
(+971) (0)4 448 5111,

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