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Sassy Mama Checks Out The Shrinking Violet/Skinny Beach Treatment at SensAsia Spa

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Hey there Skinny Beach!

My family summer holidays are just on the horizon which means it’s time to get into a bikini that I have been meaning to work out for all year!– thanks to SensAsia Spa I tried out a “Skinny Beach” treatment to help get me in shape!

The Skinny Beach is the celebrity favorite drop-a-dress size body wrap called the Shrinking Violet. The inch loss wrap removes fat from all over the body particularly those female problem areas such as the upper arms, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs – using the fat-dissolving process of lipolysis, while also improving the appearance of cellulite, skin tone and texture. It’s a great service to include in a body detox too!

All sounds perfect now time to get skinny…


You can never go wrong when you visit a spa like SensAsia – its been one of my Dubai faves for the last 10 years so I knew that this was going to be a great experience!


My therapist Kathy was very sweet, extremely knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. We started with a salt, pepper and almond oil body scrub in order to remove dead skins cells and open up the pores. Post shower Kathy took all my body measurements (arms, wrists, thighs, knees, stomach) so that the results could be recorded accurately. This was followed by body brushing to increase blood and lymphatic flow and help eliminate toxins and then the application of a body oil which is soya based and rich in phospholipid and organic lavender (not advised if you have a soya allergy)

Next, I was a wrapped from head to toe in plastic wrap before lying down on the massage bed in a mummified state. I felt a bit like a chicken in a bag being marinated but who cares when you’re on an inch loss mission! Now it was time to relax for an hour (this was more like it!) with a blanket over for added comfort and increased heat penetration. Mamas if you suffer from claustrophobia then this may not be the best treatment for you as I did initially feel a little uncomfortable but in true SensAsia style I was given a head, hand and foot massage which sent me deep into the land of nod.

Once I was cut out of the plastic wrap it was time to record the results and see how many inches had actually been lost – 19.5 cm from all over my body!  A lot of this was water retention and I was a little skeptical as to whether drinking fluids again would just reverse the whole thing, however you are encouraged to drink lots of water after the treatment to help with the removal of fat through lymphatic drainage and so as to avoid dehydration. They also suggest no showering for the next 12 hours to allow the oil to work its magic. For best results you should buy a package of 5 mamas – and in addition to losing a few inches here and there you’ll get a blissful 90 minutes to yourself too! 


SHRINKING VIOLET One session 90 min / AED 730
THE POWER BOOST Two sessions (within 72 hours) 2 x 90 min / AED 1290 dhs*
THE LIFESTYLE REBOOT Six sessions (within 6 weeks) 6 x 90 min / AED 3650 dhs* (including one free)
SKINNY BEACH The ultimate SensAsia inch-loss experience! from AED 1200 Shrinking Violet can be combined with any 60-minute facial – at 20% off – and/or a Hot Salt & Pepper SensPolish at a discounted rate of 190dhs (usually 245dhs). The full Enhancements menu is also available, offering ideal Skinny Beach accompaniments including head/temple (The Workaholic) and foot massage.

*Shrinking Violet Oil can also be purchased for home use with these packages at just 399 dhs (usually 650 dhs)

For more information and to see the treatments on offer visit


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