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Sassy Mama Kids Book Club: Easy as ABC by David Bates, reviewed by Ryan Chat, aged 13

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Are you looking for a cool and fun way to improve your English? The book “Easy as ABC” is a meaningful album of English idioms, one that taught me how to use charming idioms such as “bury the hatchet” and “dropping the hammer.” Before introducing each idiom, the book provides a clear definition of the idiom. The best part of the book is the hilarious illustrations!

This book is a really easy and fun way for kids to thoroughly understand English slang. This book is not your typical boring vocabulary book, which are “a dime a dozen.” When you read this book, you don’t even feel like you are memorising hard phrases!

That’s because the phrases are well organised and arranged in order with different pictures related to each of the idioms. For example, the picture for “Ants in your pants” features really tiny black ants crawling all over a pair of pants! Also, there are sample sentences. This helps us know how we can apply these important idioms in our daily writing.

All in all, I found this method for learning idioms incredibly helpful and relaxing. It will make learning English seem like “a walk in the park.” After reading this book, when you hear English slang, you won’t feel like “a fish out of water.” This book is definitely “a diamond in the rough!”


About the author

Ryan Chan is thirteen years old and goes to St. Paul’s Co-educational College. In his free time, Ryan enjoys reading, fencing, and writing. Ryan has been studying essay writing, reading analysis, and global thinking at The Kelly Yang Project for four years. At KYP, Ryan takes private classes.

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