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Sassy Mama Loves Little Baby Lily

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Ready for some pint-sized fashion inspiration, mamas? We were lucky enough to sit down with Huda Jaber, the fab mama behind Little Baby Lily, and talk to her about her life with 3 and a half year old Lily – one of the most stylish tots in the UAE. Whether she’s

My name is Huda Jaber, I’m 24 years old, been living in the UAE for 14 years now, I only have one child; Lily, she is 3 years and a half.


What made you start your Littlebabylily Instagram account?

Before having Lily, I had a passion for fashion. After I became pregnant and gave birth, God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl and my love for fashion started turning more towards her.

Of course at the beginning, I used to post only for our friends and family to see. It never occurred to me that things would wind up like this, especially after having her picture reposted by the Lebanese star Nancy Ajram.

Lily with family

Your Instagram account and being a full time mum must keep you very busy – can you let us know what a typical day for you is like?

Well, I’m a working mom and sometimes it is very hard to manage everything. The key is organising my time and knowing my priorities; that’s why we do OOTDs (Outfit of the Days) on weekends only.

My day starts very early at 6am, dropping Lily at the nursery, going to work, picking Lily up and having our family lunch. After that comes our family afternoon time which could be watching cartoons or doing puzzles –  we do loads of activities! At 7p,m it’s her bed time, then I get some me time (even though sometimes I’m too tired to enjoy it!). I then go to sleep myself as well.

I don’t have a house maid, so I have to manage everything on my own. My husband is very supportive, he helps a lot and I’m also teaching Lily to help around as much as she can. Simpe things like tiding up her toys, removing her plate and so on.

Lily ballet Lily Mini Cooper

Can you share with us a typical day in the life of Lily?

Lily is a wonderful, smart kid. Usually, she’s a regular kid in regular clothes and goes to nursery wearing the simplest outfits with a pony tail. She enjoys playing with her friends and loves having them over on the weekends.

90% of my weekends are oriented around Lily, as we barely see her during the week because of her early bed time. Every week, we do an activity of her choice which can be anything she wants. I love our movie dates in particular. Spending time with her makes me so happy.


Whats your favourite go to store for Lily’s clothes?

Um, I don’t think she has a favorite fashion store. To her they’re all the same, however she loves H&M because it’s huge and she can play hide and seek with me.

Lily YSL

I like the way that you mix designer fashion with pieces off the high street. Can you share with us approximately how much you spend on Lily’s wardrobe a month?

It actually depends on the season, but I would say AED 1000 between actual shopping and online shopping.

Lily & her father

What do you enjoy doing as a family in Dubai?

We actually live in Abu Dhabi, but I would say what I enjoy the most is anything we do as a family. It could even be grocery shopping – anything as long as we’re together. I think lily’s answer would be Ski Dubai! (Check out our review here!)

Where do you enjoy eating as a family in Dubai?

We love Fridays! Pf Changs and Olive Garden are our faves.

How do you spend your ‘me time’?

Mostly at the salon or hanging out with my friends. Sometimes though I just wanna sit at home and relax!

Lily and her mother

Describe your parenting style in 3 words.

l would say my parenting style is based on love, care, respect and appreciation. (That’s four words, but we’ll let you get away with it Huda!)

Lily and juice

Do you capture your moments through a phone or a camera, tell us about it?

For OOTDs, I usually use my Canon camera. For my every day moments, my phone is always ready with me. Of course, moving and editing photos takes a lot of time.

Little Baby Lily,

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