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Sassy Mama Gets Healthy & Tries Tidjoori Biorganic Vegan Café

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Heathy food means a healthy lifestyle, so count me in! Mamas, I’m sure you’ll agree we are all becoming more conscious about what we put in our bodies and our kids’ little bodies. So when I was asked to try a restaurant that offers healthy eating, I jumped at the chance.

Sassy Mama Gets Healthy & Tries Tidjoori Biorganic Vegan Café

Let me introduce you to Tidjoori Biorganic Vegan Café. It just opened in Trident Tower, Dubai Marina, right next door to our favorite play area Cheeky Monkeys. Tidjoori isn’t a big restaurant, yet it has a nice outdoor eating area on the terrace with a large plant adorned wall and open plan kitchen inside. It offers its consumers a diet free of animal products (what, no steak?!) and prepares them to step into a world of bio-organic and vegan food. I thought vegan food was supposed to be boring, plain and tasteless. How wrong I was!

Sassy Mama Gets Healthy & Tries Tidjoori Biorganic Vegan Café

The chef greeted us and promised that he would prepare deliciously vegan food. As it was my first time eating vegan food, I was happy for him to recommend a few dishes for us to try. We started with a pea and mange tout soup and a coconut soup and oh my goodness, my taste buds went into overdrive. If this was prepared for me at home, I would eat it every day – and imagine how skinny I’d be!

My friend ordered a salad with turkey and cranberry with beetroot. Turkey? I’d thought this was a vegan restaurant! The vegan turkey actually tasted delicious with lots of flavours, with the cranberry and beetroot adding a sweet taste.

Sassy Mama Gets Healthy & Tries Tidjoori Biorganic Vegan Café

For mains, we shared a gluten-free base pizza topped with avocado, beetroot, tomatoes and onion. The flavours were delightful and I never even noticed that they didn’t use any cheese. I have such a sweet tooth, so we also ordered a chocolate ganache cake (made with apple puree instead of eggs) and vanilla crème brulee made with soya milk.

On this occasion, we didn’t have our children with us but I did notice that they served a kids menu. This was particularly great for me as I’ve taken my kids off cheese and it included kid sized pizza, spaghetti bolognaise and sliders all without using meat or dairy.

You don’t have to be a vegetarian or vegan to enjoy the food at Tidjoori. I would certainly eat there again. I personally do eat meat and enjoy it, but the flavours and dishes I tried at Tidjoori were a refreshing and yummy change.

Sassy Mama Gets Healthy & Tries Tidjoori Biorganic Vegan Café

That night at home, I decided to research a bit more about veganism. The first thing I read was how a vegan diet can give you clear, beautiful glowing skin as well as how it’s good for your hair and speeds up your metabolism (flashes of me looking like a supermodel filled my mind). Then I came across a flood of celebrity posts who’ve turned to a vegan diet such as Beyoncé, Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson and how they lost weight and started to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. In fact, Beyoncé has just launched a new vegan meal delivery service called 22 Days Nutrition based on the belief that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit.

Tidjoori is a fresh, new concept, introducing many to the joys of bio-organic and vegan food. It’s a new kind of lifestyle that will appeal to many looking for a practical solution to healthy eating. I very much recommend everyone to go visit Tidjoori and try their delicious food.

The opening hours are 8am to 10pm every day. Breakfast served until 11 am weekdays and 12 pm on weekends and public holidays For more information and location details contact:(+971)(0) 4 553 1370, or visit their Facebook

Tidjoori Bioorganic Vegan Café, Trident Tower, Dubai Marina, Dubai, (+971)(0) 4 553 1370,

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