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Sassy Mama’s Top 10 Morning Sickness Fixes

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They call it morning sickness, but the unfortunate truth is that the nausea and vomiting associated with it can last all day. Affecting three-quarters of women during their first trimester of pregnancy, this sickness puts a damper on an otherwise exciting and momentous occasion! Here are some mom- and doc-approved fixes to nurture that growing bump.

electrolyte ice cubes

1. Electrolyte Ice Cubes
It’s a fact that proper hydration reduces nausea and vomiting. But when even water seems too disgusting to drink and keeping food down is not an option, sucking on a sports drink ice cube helps keep you hydrated and replenishes electrolytes. Making this is even simpler. Freeze a cube tray filled with Gatorade, Pocari Sweat, or an even healthier homemade electrolyte concoction with salt and/or citrus.

2. Drink In-between Meals
Instead of drinking during meals, sipping fluids throughout the day is an excellent way of staying hydrated. Drinking cold, carbonated beverages can trick your body into staying quenched, as well as keep you from gagging. Sour drinks, like lemonade or lime soda, may also be key in quelling your nausea.

3. Get Fresh Air
Fresh air in a crowded city may seem like an oxymoron, but sometimes a little breeze is all you need when you feel flushed and ready to yak. Lower the windows in your home, work or vehicle for proper circulation, and don’t hesitate to crank up that fan so that it blows across your face. Venture off to your favourite hiking spot, park or place with a little greenery for some light exercise. And as always, don’t forget to take slow, deep breaths.


4. Experimenting with Ginger
Hailed as the go-to remedy for nausea, ginger is famous for soothing the queasiest of tummies. Try making ginger tea, or drinking ginger ale with real ginger; the carbonation will also help ease your upset stomach. For less conventional options, snack on crystallised ginger chews, gingersnaps or even ginger soup.

5. Morning Sickness Survival Kit
Chances are, you won’t be able to resist vomiting in public when morning sickness hits. Stocking your bag with a morning sickness survival kit can be your best defense. Take an oral care pack with mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste to freshen up and ward off unbecoming post-puke breath. Bring a plastic bag to use for those moments when you can’t find a bathroom, and don’t forget a clean blouse when real messes happen.


6. Aromatic Fresh Scents
When preggers, even the slightest of unpleasant smells is enough to set off that gag reflex. While using essential oils should be exercised with extreme caution during this time, sniffing some fresh scents can be very useful in combatting morning sickness. Citrus scents like lemon and orange are quite popular amongst pregnant women, as well as mint. To use, add a drop or two on a kerchief to smell whenever nauseous, or add a few droplets into a diffuser to release the essential oils.

7. Snack Stash
Keeping bland, simple snacks like pretzels, saltines or even apple slices at your side wherever you go can be ideal. Setting them on your bedside can be handy, especially if you wake up nauseous in the middle of the night. When eaten first thing in the morning or throughout the day in small bits, these types of snacks keep your tummy a little bit full, stabilising your blood sugar and warding off nausea.


8. Acupressure Wristbands
Holistic-loving mamas swear by this ancient Chinese principle of acupressure – essentially acupuncture without needles. Drug-free and totally safe for your baby, acupressure bands are seen as a natural and easy method of fighting morning sickness. Attached to this wristband is a plastic stud, which stimulates the Nei-Kuan pressure points on the inside of your wrist, which when pressed, are helpful in alleviating nausea. This remedy is most effective when one band is worn on each wrist, and if both are in place before symptoms strike.

9. Adjust that Screen
In a world run by screens, chances are that staring at bright monitors and tiny fonts may trigger your hypersensitivity to nausea. For a quick and easy hack, enlarge the fonts on all of your laptops and mobile devices to keep you from straining your eyes. Try adjusting your screen settings on phone and computer to a softer light. Consider downloading the app F.lux, which changes the screen brightness by time of day, warming up your computer display.

10. Take Meds
If everything mentioned above is simply not doing the trick, you may want to see a doc to prescribe you some medicine. Nausea medications, as well as vitamin B6, have been known to alleviate morning sickness symptoms in some women. Waiting too long to take the right meds may do more harm than good and will only prolong your suffering, so it’s advised to see a doctor as soon as you can.

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