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Sassy Scoop: Parties With Sparkle By Cheeky Little Events

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The Dubai kids’ birthday scene is something out of the ordinary. Pre-kids, we would all snigger at the craziness of it but look at us now, constantly struggling to keep up with the bouncy castle next door. So many kids, so little time. Sigh. Planning a petit party and literally don’t know where to begin? Help is at hand, mamas.

You may have heard of a nifty little company called Cheeky Little Events (previously Cheeky Monkey Parties) or perhaps even clapped, cheered and sung along with some of their crew at a recent birthday party. These guys (well, ladies) are a group of seriously experienced British female entertainers whose sole purpose is to help you make sure that your child is the star of the party. From big bashes to little celebrations, Cheeky Little Events will help put together a package to make your little person’s day truly special.

For mamas who aren’t brave enough to have 20 kids descend on their home, white sofas and fancy rugs, the cheeky ladies will be happy to help you find a suitable venue where the little ones can go nuts. Think your garden is totally up for the challenge? We admire you. Get the Cheeky ladies to sort you out with the bouncy castle, décor, face painters, dancers, balloon benders, clowns and popcorn. Come to think of it; who said you need to be doing any of the work yourself at all? Get them to bring in catering and the cake too and just buy a couple of bags of mini carrots, the ready peeled ones of course (organic if you want to impress). Sit back, relax and watch the party, mamas!


Cheeky Little Events have planned some pretty impressive parties in Dubai and if they’re good enough for Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales and Armani Junior, they should be (almost) good enough for your little junior too. Jane Victory, the director and mastermind behind Cheeky Little Events or ‘Chief Entertainment Officer’ as she prefers to be called, has been in the business of children’s parties and events in the UK and UAE for the past 8 years and knows her candy floss from her magicians. No event is too little (or too big for that matter) as long as you’re looking for a good time.

“We just love putting grins on faces, and our aim is to make your event stand out from the crowd,” says this cheeky mama.

Get yourself together, take the stress out of birthday planning and just have someone else do it. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about making your little ones happy. The mamas at Cheeky Little Events certainly know how to do that.

Brought to you in partnership with Cheeky Little Events

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