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Save Money Shopping Online in the US with PacMe

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Bring the US to you!

Ever gone out for a bit of retail therapy, only to come back empty handed? By no means are we complaining about shopping in Dubai (we’ve got everything from market stalls to designer boutiques), but sometimes we just can’t find that specific thing we’re looking for. The magic pair of jeans first discovered at university, or the bras that are as comfortable as the ones from that specific lingerie brand…sound familiar mamas?

Unfortunately, some of our favourite stores simply don’t exist in our desert city, or don’t ship here. Or even worse – when you do find that magic pair of jeans, but the shipping fees cost more than they do! Well, our Sassy little secret to getting all of our favourite items from the US to Dubai is to hit up PacMe, a shipping consolidator that repacks to save you shipping fees and has amazing customer service that actually works, no matter where you are in the world.

Before PacMe, package forwarders (that still exist today) would send packages one by one or even ship boxes within a box. Imagine all that empty space you ended up paying to ship, when you could have filled it with more of those magic jeans? With PacMe, you shop at your favourite stores (the fun part!) and ship everything to PacMe, where the experts carefully repack and consolidate all your purchases into one box. They make sure all the space in the box is maximised so you save on shipping fees… talk about efficient!

What’s more, the customer service at PacMe is awesome too – trust us, we’ve tried it. The friendly online system allows you to see images of your goodies and manage the entire shipping process – and even the owners, Ken and Randy, are on hand to answer any questions, big or small. They’ve even been known to ship surprise goodies to their customers just to put a smile on their faces! 

This is a real shopping secret of our team, so make sure you check it out for yourselves if you’re missing some of your favourite brands from the US or just fancy some online shopping therapy.

some of your favourite brands from abroad, make sure you give PacMe a try!

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If you’re looking to shop and ship more efficiently, save some money, and snap up Simply sign up for a FREE PacMe account (value $40) using the code “SASSYDUBAI” at Happy shopping, mamas!

Brought to you in partnership with PacMe

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