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The Curse of September and Being a Back To School Mum

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 September. It’s a funny old month.

For me and so many other mums, it marks a host of transitions that we must make. And once you enter the world of being a school mum, you feel that ‘back to school’ feeling as if you were actually going yourself.

The New Year always feels like it starts in September, rather than January. We’ve had our summer holidays. The bucket and spade is packed away for another year. We’re forced to think again. To focus. And as the evenings draw in here in the UK, the mornings get darker and the temperature drops, I curse September. Just a little bit. ‘You’re the killjoy of months, September,’ I think. The one who forces me to get back to normal. Whatever normal is. When all I really want to do is languor around in my shorts, drinking G&Ts and firing up the barbie.

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Since my eldest started school, I have felt this more than ever. Because my life is now marked by school terms and school holidays and it is, quite frankly, terrifying how quickly these years are passing by. And so I welcome the opportunity to have a break from the pressures of school life during the summer. To slow down. Not rush and possibly even shout a bit less. OK, it means I have three (often bored) kids at home to entertain, which is another dilemma in itself, but not having to do the dreaded, monotonous school run or having to sift through the many, many emails and decipher what anyone is actually talking about is almost worth that occasional (frequent) pain.

But now, we’re back to the daily grind and my mind and body are still in resistance mode. I keep dreaming of summer days and wondering how they’ve gone by so quickly. My middle child has just started school and so it’s another year of ‘All Change!’ as I work out the pros and cons of having two in school (erm, having two in school but also having the girls spend more time together after school. To fight. Argghhhh!) and get used to having just the youngest at home, without his sister to entertain him. The only certainty in this motherhood lark is that it’s ever changing. Just as you get used to something, it moves on again.

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And so I have no choice but to move on too, else I’ll get left behind. So I’ll do my best to embrace September and all the opportunities for change it offers. Because there are perks, of course there are. For one, my hair can finally (soon) have a break from the humidity and I can look a bit less like Monica in Friends in that episode. Phew. I know I’ll also soon get over missing wearing my bikini and look forward to wearing some winter stuff instead. Which, let’s face it, covers a multitude of sins. And then there are the black tights, which are desperately clambering out of the drawer and will liberate me from a regime of exfoliation and fake tan. (Exfoliation? Fake tan? Ha ha. Who am I kidding? But still, you get my drift.)

One thing I will not contemplate though? Christmas. No siree. Just because the summer is drawing to a close does not mean it’s time to start my Christmas shopping. And to the air stewardess who suggested this on our flight home from our summer holiday, I have a few other suggestions for you. Mmmmm.

No. September may not be my favourite month but I’m certainly not going to wish it away.

Time is far too precious to do that.

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