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Simple Botanical Arrangements That Don’t Cost The Earth

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We love a little flora and fauna in the house mamas but even the supermarket bunches cost more than we’re willing to pay on a regular basis (and picking stems from someone’s front yard just isn’t cool – no matter what the kids might think). Our interiors contributor Kath shares her top tips for getting your home looking gorgeous and green using foliage only and without breaking the bank.

Botanical arrangements are my new favourite thing, they are green and they are beautiful. I’ve always loved having fresh flowers in my home. It can be an expensive indulgence but it’s one that I ‘allow’ myself as often as I can. I do however like to keep it simple with lots of green – I’ll usually opt for lilies, hydrangeas or roses, but lately, I’m paring things down even further, and quite coincidentally, saving some money in the process.

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I’m focusing on just the foliage. No flowers. I’m literally making ‘arrangements’ (if you can even call them that) using only leaves and I am loving the glorious simplicity of it all. Most often, just one or two leaves will do. The great thing about my new leaf obsession is that most florists consider these greens to be mere fillers and are willing to part with them for next to nothing. Even more thrilling (for an experienced plant-killer like myself) is that these fillers tend to require very little maintenance and last way longer than their floral counterparts.

I have some aloe plants in vases on my dining table that are living proof of all the benefits I’m so confidently rambling on about – they’re surviving like ninjas, and I guess they were the inspiration for this post. So I’ve taken things a step further and looked into some of the best plants to use for these stunning minimalist arrangements.

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Aloes are trendy succulent greens that vary in size and shape. They come in a range of tones from blue, green, grey, purple to red. As a species, they are relatively easy, carefree plants. Go aloes!


Nearly all eucalyptus are evergreen, making them one of the most popular foliages used by florists. The leaves tend to be quite rigid, making them easy to arrange and they have a pleasant fragrance too.

Fern Leaves

Ferns add freshness to any indoor decor. They don’t need strong light or constant watering, making them easy to care for, but avoid placing them in direct sunlight as their leaves can look burned and dried out.

Monstera Leaf

The monstera leaf is a bit of celebrity on the minimalist decor scene these days, and like all good celebs, it has a pseudo name. Its also known as the swiss cheese plant because of the large ribbons or holes in its leaves. Gentle sunlight is ideal. Like ferns, direct sunlight needs to be avoided. And if the size is good, just one leaf will do.

Fir Trees

Last but most certainly not least, one that you might be using sooner than you think – fir trees, aka Christmas trees! Yes, you can shove the branch of a fir tree in a mason jar and call it Christmas. Watch this space for more on that in the coming weeks.

Are you ready to go green?

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