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Interior Design Inspo: Three Chic Ways To Style Your Bookshelves

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#Shelfie Game Strong

Let me start off by saying, for better or worse as a right-brain thinker, my mind is constantly rearranging my home, designing spaces and cataloging inspiring ‘gems’! I can hardly sit still long enough to watch a TV show, let alone a movie, without having the urge to pop up and move something around.

So, if you are like me find yourself tiring of the same old, same old, I am here to share a quick tip: When things start feeling ‘blah’ try this: undress and restyle a bookshelf. Sounds simple (or perhaps strange to some), but it is sure to jazz things up.

In this short video, I strip the bookshelf in my living room, spread all of the accessories on the floor and race the clock to show you three jazzy looks. Sometimes the results are more successful than others, but you get the idea.

Are you inspired but fearful of how to begin? Here are 3 styling ideas to consider if you are up for the challenge:

style bookshelf - interior

Create hierarchy… or not!

Organise books in height order, or if a number of the books are similar in size, then organise by thickness. If you want to be a bit avant-garde, trash this advice and avoid symmetry and reverse hierarchy. For example, put a super heavy book a top an oversized, but thin read. And repeat.

style bookshelf - interior

Add a Punctuation Mark

No sentence is complete without a punctuation mark, and the same goes for design. Mark the end of a stack with an accessory. It completes the space for the visual eye. I love topping a stack with a favourite collectable, picture frames or random knick-knack. This is a great spot to display a mis-matched memento from a recent trip, or a handmade jewel from the kiddos.

style bookshelf - interior design

Play with Direction

Layer books and accessories from right-to-left or left-to-right. Stack vertically. Organise horizontally. Or play with a mixture of both.

Two Top Tips:

Bare Books

Remove the ‘jackets’ from hardback books and I promise you are likely to be pleasantly surprised. More often than not, hidden under a book’s jacket is a rather lovely hardback book cover. So if your current collection of books seem ever so lame and completely clash with the room’s colour scheme and style, utilise this tip to reveal something new. No hidden costs, just newness for free.

Colour Block

The results are endless. Limit one colour per each shelf of the bookcase, alternate colours from one side to the other etc. For books, if you find your collection to be completely mis-matched, no need to buy books you do not want or need, simply cover books in paper. Use black, white and khaki paper for a neutral palette, or for a more chic look, perhaps a mix of neutrals with a fun, neon pop of colour.


Happy Styling!

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