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How To Decorate With Red And Pink

pink interior
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Blue and green should never be seen, but no one said anything about red and pink!

Pink and red are the colours of romance and passion. While both have been popular choices for interior design in the past, it’s only the palest blush pink that’s currently on trend. This almost-nude shade of pink is now so widely used that it’s become a new neutral, providing an interesting and useable alternative to the whites, beiges, taupes and greys that are the usual ‘safe bets’ when decorating. Blush can work in almost any space, goes well with other neutrals and metallics, as well as stronger accent colours, and can create a warm, grown up look.

pink interior

Pale pink looks stunning against a dark background, brightening the space so it doesn’t become gloomy. It provides a softer, less stark contrast than white. In colour psychology, pink is said to be soothing and calming, although too much can be draining so it’s better used in rooms where relaxation rather than productivity are required.

pink and dark colour interior

Brighter pinks are quirky and fun, especially where they create an unexpected contrast such as in a monochromatic space or as a feminine addition to an industrial room. When used with other bright colours, the effect is joyfully tropical but might be tricky to live with so try experimenting with this look in areas you don’t spend long periods of time in. A downstairs toilet is perfect as it will wow your guests but you don’t have to look at it constantly! Dark raspberry tones are glamorous and dramatic showing that pink isn’t just for little girls.

pink interior

pink and blue sofa

While pink is soothing, red is stimulating, raising pulses and demanding attention. At it’s best, it’s lively and welcoming but at it’s worst, aggressive and overwhelming. Red is a popular accent colour in kitchens as it adds life to areas that can be clinical and cold. Red is also a great choice for dining rooms as it increases appetites and energises social spaces.

pink and red interior

Unless you have very bold taste (and go you if you do!) red is best used in moderation against a neutral background. It adds warmth and impact to cool blues and greys and can be used either in small doses around a room or in single, larger area to make a real style statement.

interior design

Note that a ‘neutral’ background doesn’t have to mean a pale one. Brighter reds look striking and cosy against dark walls, while the deepest burgundy will give an edgy, gothic grandeur for those brave enough to try it. So with Valentine’s Day just behind us, go ahead and show your home some love.

dark red interior

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