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La Vie Boheme: How To Do Boho Interiors

Boho Interiors
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Bohemian Interiors Inspo

To attempt a definition of the Bohemian ‘trend’ is to miss the point entirely as the two are a contradiction in terms. Truly boho interiors are a rejection of all that is contrived. Instead, they are an organically evolving reflection of the lives and passions of those who live in them. As such, each space is unique but a love of the arts, travel and history will usually be apparent. Bohemian style is more an attitude of freedom, creativity and whimsy than a specific look. There are, however, common themes that often run through these interiors. Vintage, handmade and ethic furniture are favoured with additional ‘objets’ being displayed because they have a story to tell rather than being purely decorative. Rich colour, clashing pattern and layered texture add depth and individuality. These are interiors with soul and, I imagine, a laissez faire approach to dust that I’m deeply envious of. I wonder how much time writing poetry, listening to opera and spinning a pottery wheel it would take to shift my OCD… anyway, I digress. Bohemian interiors, enjoy ✌?

gypsy clairvoyant

Colour, pattern, texture, and nick nacks galore. This looks like it could be the home of a gypsy clairvoyant or your mad artist Aunt. I adore the theatrical flamboyance and richness of this room. (Left)

A softer colour palette with an Eastern feel. This is a slightly random space without an obvious purpose other than being gorgeous and what could be more bohemian than that? Also, that wall treatment. (Right)

beaten metallic tables

The earthy tones of this room hark back to the 70’s, which was surely the golden age of boho. The beaten metallic tables add glamour to the retro, ethic vibe. (Left)

Nothing matches in this eclectic collection of furniture but it all blends beautifully and over all effect is surprisingly restful. The boho more is more approach to greenery has also been taken. (Right)

elegant bohemian bedroom

This cane peacock headboard is a 70’s design classic which has been updated from it’s traditional brown to my favourite colour, teal. A mustard peacock chair is just visible in the left hand corner. (Left)

Here we have a grown up and elegant bohemian bedroom. Visually, there is still quite a lot going on but the repeated use of muted blues across the space keeps it from feeling busy. (Right)

boho style

A pale and interesting room which fuses boho style with a scandi colour palette to stunning effect. That tiled floor is just divine. (Left)

A masterclass in how to layer pattern which might just send me in to a (bohemian) rhapsody. (Right)

And there it is – how to do Boho in a few inspiring pics. Time to redecorate, mamas!

Featured image via Pinterest

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