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Summer Reading For Mamas and Kids

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This summer I’m hoping for lots of time to get completely absorbed in a few good books – it’s the ultimate mama luxury (although with the kids off school I don’t know how this will play out!). I also want to make sure that I keep up all the hard work that’s gone into getting my little 5 year old to start reading his first words at school while giving bedtime books a bit of a shake up (as much as I love it, if I have to read The Snail & The Whale – their current fave – one more time I might lose my mind). A mix of new and old, these are the books that we’ll have our noses in over the summer months mamas.

For Kids:


Curious George’s Dictionary (for 4 – 6 year olds)
Recommended for ages 4 and up I actually think that my 2 year old will enjoy this just as much as her older brothers. A really simple but cute way to introduce kids to basic words and their meanings, the book begins with a few pages that show the mischievous monkey receiving the dictionary as a birthday present and learning how to use it. Not bedtime reading but a lovely way to while away some time doing something fun and productive with the kids.

Stick and Stone (for 4 – 7 year olds)
An awesome tale of friendship (Stick comes to the rescue with Stone is faced with a bullying pine cone), this is a super sweet story that teaches kids about kindness, bullying and helping each other in a subtle and endearing way.

The Bear Ate Your Sandwich (for 3 – 7 year olds)
A bear wakes up from hibernation and is hungry so he helps himself to a sandwich left on a park bench by a little girl…or does he? Mama might need to help her little listeners figure out what really happened to the missing food but no doubt they’ll be enchanted – and there’s a really funny little twist to the plot at the end.

Belle & Boo And The Yummy Scrummy Day (for 2 -5 year olds)
The wonderful world of Belle – a bob haired little girl and her adorable bunny friend Boo is full of childhood innocence, magic and adventure similar to Beatrix Potter and Winnie The Poo. Gorgeously old fashioned and nostalgic, this particular story focuses on Belle’s efforts to convince Boo that eating fruit and vegetables is just as yummy as eating cake – and there’s a beautiful pull-out recipe for Grandbunny’s Spiced Biscuits that’s just perfect for making with the littles on a hot summers afternoon.

For Mamas:


If you thought One Day was good then you have to give David Nicholls’ latest book a go. I haven’t yet read this one but can’t wait to get stuck in – the reviews are amazing and the story sounds intriguing – a couple reach crunch point when their daughter leaves the nest but there are all sorts of twists and turns. Can’t wait to pick this one up.

The Happiness Project
Hostess of one of the best podcasts out there (second only to the upcoming Sassy Mama podcast – watch this space), author Gretchen Rubin documents her experiments in the pursuit of happiness. This book isn’t new on the scene and while the content might not be groundbreaking  it’s great at reminding you of how simple steps can help make life better.

Elizabeth Is Missing
Super easy to read, this lovely but sad story follows the main character – Maud – and her mission to find her ‘missing’ friend Elizabeth. Written so well that you can almost imagine what ageing and losing your memory and mind might feel like.

100 places that can change your childs life
I’m a firm believer that kids learn about the world through travelling it so this book is right up at the top of my list this summer. Written by the editor of National Geographic Traveler Magazine, I can’t wait to be inspired to dream, plan and hopefully take life-changing vacations that will expand my kids horizons and make amazing memories.

Gift From The Sea
Originally published over a quarter of a century ago, author and mother of five (FIVE!) Anne Marrow takes a solo vacation to contemplate life and get some much needed ‘me time’ before sharing her thoughts on everything from motherhood to marriage. This is all about the importance of spending time alone to evaluate what’s important and what’s not. And I’m all for that mamas!





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