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TV-tastic: How to Harness The Power of The Screen

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Let’s Talk TV…

We all know too much of it can be a bad thing. But while I desperately want to be a Pinterest parent whose children spend entire crafternoons (see what I did there) without an electronic device in sight, I’m not. I get glitter in my hair, glue on the floor and end up realising I’m missing vital ingredients half way through. Ditto with baking. I’m also rubbish at ‘playing’ with children.

But I always feel like switching on the TV is like switching off my parenting. It’s not that the kiddos never watch it, it’s that everytime they do I feel swamped with middle-class mama guilt. But now it’s getting hot all bets are off. Rather than getting myself in a sweat about it (no extra perspiration required this summer, thanks), I’ve decided to use TV as a force for good instead.

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Here are my top picks for getting the most out of the screen this summer…

Orbi – when it comes to screentime, it’s go big or go home at Orbi. Not only can they see all of Mother Nature’s finest creations on the big screen (migrating elephants, polar bears, mountain gorillas) but the whole thing’s interactive so when you watch the stampede the ground shakes and when you’re in the arctic, the temperature plummets. Just what you need in summer!

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Nature on Netflix – the dulcet tones of David Attenborough make the Brits amongst us feel at home and the stunning camerawork of Planet Earth/Blue Planet/The Hunt and other nature documentaries will get the kiddos imagination racing.

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Numberjacks on Youtube with a little singing and dancing thrown in – Numberjacks has one of the most annoying theme tunes going (one episode and it’s in your head all day) so we liven it up with songs of my choice in between eps. The best way to dance those summertime blues away. Oh and if you haven’t come across Numberjacks yet, it’s a series, aimed at little learners, in which animated numbers solve mathematical problems (you see, they can learn from tv too!).

The cinema – the cinema is our savior during the hotter months and right now there’s heaps of kid-friendly films to choose from. Peter Rabbit’s still showing for anyone who missed it, while I’ve promised my mini-me a trip to Masha and the Bear, The Stolen Princess or Here Comes the Grump if she promises to go to bed with the light off (all tips on this one gratefully received). Popcorn at the ready, mamas…

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Mamas, we have many more summer entertainment options, all just a click away!
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Featured image sourced via Aubrey Kinch.

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