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Why I’m Thankful for Being a Mum

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What are you thankful for, mama?

Mum life is busy, and boy is that an understatement. And, even though parenting comes with a fair share of trials and tribulations, it also comes with an even greater share of triumphs, happiness, enlightening life lessons and the highest of highs. Yes, we’re all better for it. And as Thanksgiving approaches and the theme of gratitude is in the air, we thought we’d give thanks for that. So we asked our very own Sassy Mamas to share some of the reasons they are feeling thankful for being mums…


Where do I start?! The main thing has got to be feeling immensely thankful and lucky for having 3 healthy, happy children who never cease to amaze me with their individual personalities and quirks. For love and pride like I’ve never known it before – and for seeing the world through the eyes of my little ones and their endless questions and curiosities from which I learn something new every day. And then there’s the stuff that I used to take for granted  pre-kids and which I appreciate so much more now – the occasional lie-in, a little ‘me time’, a moment’s peace and a glass of red at the end of a long day. I’m thankful for it all! – Kaya


Kate-headshotAlthough I’ve often thought about ‘love’ in the abstract, being a mama has taught me how to see and feel and hear love in a million different ways each and every day: when my daughter smiles and shouts “MAMA!” as she greets me each morning; how she climbs into my lap and hands me a book for bedtime stories; watching her gently pat our dog and rub his belly; the way my heart seems to swell as I watch my tiny daughter and giant husband stroll along hand-in-hand; how each time I Skype with my parents on the other side of the world, I have a new appreciation for how much they loved me and all the sacrifices they made in the name of that love. So yes, I’m thankful for being a mama, but in particular I’m thankful for mamahood showing me all the love I’ve been lucky enough to receive (and feel so fortunate to be able to give). -Kate
Emilie Headshot
Having children has allowed me to see life through a new perspective. They balance my life by reminding me of what is really important in life through the little things, a hug, a smile, a moment together. They also show me the world in a more simple, beautiful way, a way that I sometimes forget and for that I am forever grateful. –Emilie





I am thankful that I have two healthy, funny, spunky kids that keep me on my toes but melt my heart at the same time. Also, thankful that my parents are making an almost 24-hour journey to come visit us this Christmas. -Vanessa




I am thankful that for the first two years of Eve’s life she allowed me to dress her in pretty much whatever I wanted her to wear. And while ‘getting dressed time’ now results in battles I am also thankful that my little miss is currently developing her own thoughts on what to wear as it means she is growing up and having her own opinions. But seriously though, why does she say everything I want her to wear itches her these days when I put it on her?! I am so not thankful for wherever she learned that! -Maura



It is truly a privilege to be a Mum. As I write this, my almost two-year old monkey is climbing on my back so for one, emails are always a bit more exciting! For the most part, everything I do now is a bit more exciting.  You get to experience each day through the eyes of a little person and I am able to see the excitement and joy in the simplest things. I am grateful for being able to experiencing each day with extra giggles and slobbery smiles! -Kristin


Hester-headshotMy kids have been my biggest personal challenge – ever. They challenge my selfishness and impatience, and force me to take a long hard look at my failings in the mirror each day (sometimes I brush them off and have a glass of wine instead!). I recommend that everyone reads “The Tao of Motherhood” to understand that mothering small children is the best spiritual journey you can go on. Forget trekking in Nepal, a trip to the supermarket with two small people will test your limits more! -Hester


andrea-circleIt is so easy to get caught up in the hustle, stress and craziness of life. My kids keep me present and in the “now” by their example because that’s how they live their lives, from wondrous moment to moment. They have taught me to appreciate the beauty of each of those moments. Unless the moment is a meltdown in the middle of Pizza Express… there is no beauty there. But really, they do and say so many cute, funny and insightful things every day, and I don’t want to be so caught up in past or future cares that I don’t fully take it all in. My kids essentially remind me every day to live life fully and meaningfully, and I couldn’t be more grateful to them for that. -Andrea








Happy Thanksgiving, mamas!

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