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The Bump (and the babe): Katy Johnson (and Tobias)

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Celebrating Beautiful Bumps & Gorgeous Mamas

There’s nothing we love more than giving the Sassy team members a big shout out so this is a very special ‘bump’ story featuring our very own Katy Johnson, mama to super cute 2 year old Gabriela and now to teeny little Tobias aged only 5 days! Huge congratulations Katy! xx

images courtesy of the lovely Natalie Robinson


What was your reaction when you first found out you were pregnant?
Shocked – but not shocked! It just happened a little quicker than was expected. I’d also not long started working with Sassy Mama so it was just typical that we decided to “not try” for a while and of course, it was too late! We also found out just as my husband was about to leave for a ski trip – and we were also on a ski trip when we found out I was pregnant with my daughter. *deja-vu

Katy Johnson for Sassy Mama-11Your funniest memory over the nine months?
With my first pregnancy it would be my instant addiction to writing lists – for absolutely everything!

I am quite an organized person anyway but this really took it to the extreme – every morning before I’d even brush my teeth Id need to have a list for my day, my life – almost anything became worthy of a list had a list! I turned into a crazy list lady and totally thought this was normal – now I see and laugh about the fact I was actually insane!

This time it would be the fact that I have almost “forgotten” I was pregnant on numerous occasions (when the constant reminder in the form of morning sickness had of course subsided). Forgotten to the point where I had my cousin visiting and there I was arranging to participate in a fun day at the water park with her – just to realize later that evening it would be a total waste of time and that shed practically be going alone!

I honestly thought with my first pregnancy I was laid back and pretty relaxed about the whole thing. I made a conscious effort not to read too much and get bogged down and stressed out by the do’s and don’t’s – seeing how relaxed I have been the second time around makes me realize I actually was the insanely crazy and neurotic pregnant lady I was adamant I was not the first time around!

Katy Johnson for Sassy Mama-14Any great books and resources that you turn to for baby preparation?

Controversial I know – I was/am a Gina Ford Mum. Whilst I think taken too literally her contented little baby book can be a tad full on, for me most of what she said actually seemed like common sense and I am certain that by pretty much using her feeding guidelines I was blessed with a daughter who slept through from 8 weeks old.

I shall certainly be doing my best to repeat much of the same this time around in the hope we can replicate that! However I am under no illusions that no 2 babies are the same and having been so fortunate the first time I may not be this time – here’s however being very hopeful of that outcome!

I also had the “What to expect when expecting” book the first time which was useful – I wouldn’t have had time to sit and read this time even if I had wanted to. I downloaded both pregnancies the babycentre app which is always interesting to read. Keeping up to speed with what’s actually going on in there.

Oh – and being a first time pregnancy for me in Dubai I was grateful to be able to utilize Sassy Mama’s pregnancy web section to point me in the right direction of doctors, hospitals etc. Katy Johnson for Sassy Mama-3What was the easiest trimester and which one proved most difficult?
I think its pretty normal to suggest the first trimester is pretty grim and for both pregnancies have had the extreme tiredness during this time whilst morning sickness was quite different – pretty tame by all accounts, but longer with my daughter and way shorter (stopping by 9 weeks) but far more evil this time around.

Not sure if its either a first time pregnancy thing or if its due to carrying boys and girls differently but despite having no sickness and extreme tiredness I don’t feel like I was ever “glowing” this time around – the first time I felt pretty fab and both my skin and hair felt amazing. This time I have pretty much felt like a washed out hag with the limpest hair you could possibly imagine!

3rd trimester has been pretty much the same for both – though I am significantly bigger this time, baby bump and in terms of general weight gain. Aside from feeling way way bigger the tired feeling and usual 3rd trimester aches are like for like. – And having less time to sit and rest now I have a crazy toddler doesn’t help much with those swollen tootsies that Im sure I didn’t get until almost a week before the end last time *sob

Katy Johnson for Sassy Mama-6Did you follow a fitness programme while pregnant?
I religiously exercised with my first pregnancy and living in Hong Kong at the time very easily permitted this. Even if I wasn’t necessarily hiking I was doing a lot of walking because that’s how you get around the city in HK. I found myself stopping exercise when feeling grotty in the beginning this time and then never finding the time to pick it up again when I did start to feel good. Poor excuse and one I very much regret now!!!

Needless to say – I have never been more excited to get back into the gym/fitness than I am right now!!

Katy Johnson for Sassy Mama-29Any fashion tips and tricks for maternity dressing?
Comfort, comfort, comfort!!!! Jersey, jersey!!
We all like not to lose any of our stylish identity when pregnant though I have found that quite hard this time around.

I found dressing quite simply – t shirts and a good pair of stretchy maternity jeans (ive sworn by asos maternity jeans both times!!) dressed up with a pretty necklace a good staple.

Then this pregnancy I have rarely been able to face a waistband so have found I have favored some good old plain jersey dresses a staple. Again dressed up with a pretty necklace and heels by night (until now when my feet are too puffy for them) or some colorful and comfy sandals by day – and some reliable t shirt dresses too.

Asos have been a favourite of mine throughout both pregnancies for some pretty inexpensive clothes that have helped me feel as fashionable as I can whilst being comfortable and not feeling like I have broken the bank to own them for a limited time!

Katy Johnson for Sassy Mama-7What have you struggled with most since being pregnant?
Mum guilt – not having given my daughter enough attention due to feeling groggy or tired or otherwise being busy with work etc.

Heartburn and leg cramps!!!! Its evil. Gaviscon – I love you!!!

Katy Johnson for Sassy Mama-37What kind of delivery are you hoping for (and how was the birth of Gabriela?).
I am pretty relaxed about the giving birth part (I figure it cant stay in there forever!) and do believe that as a woman our bodies are designed for this so I am not in the “too posh to push” camp – that said, I am also not opposed to pain relief if I feel like I want it and neither would I beat myself up if the birth required a c section.

I never made a birth plan last time and I have no intention of making one this time either.

It will be as it will be and I trust that I will be in the hands of medical professionals who will do what is right for me at the time – which is why finding a doctor and hospital you are happy with Is so important!!!

Katy Johnson for Sassy Mama-39Name a mama you find inspiring and why?
All the Sassy Mama founders here in Dubai – They each have 2 or 3 children – all very young and yet manage to run numerous successful businesses as well as have a great family balance and all with a smile on their face!

Need I say more, that it can be done and look no further than here for inspirational women who somehow “manage it all”

Katy Johnson for Sassy Mama-18What are your thoughts about finding out the sex in advance?
I have on both occasions found out the sex of my babies. I believe its fine if like me your finding out for practicality (or being an organized control freak as my hubby would say) I don’t think there is any harm in doing so.

If finding out the sex of a child is for others reasons I strongly disagree. Katy Johnson for Sassy Mama-15Did it take you some time getting pregnant or were you one of those mamas who got lucky on the first try?
My daughter was totally on the first attempt taking us by total surprise and as mentioned this time around was a case of trying and then not really trying for a while and then it was too late and already happened.

We are very very fortunate and I will never take that for granted.

Katy Johnson for Sassy Mama-42What helped you get your groove back after being pregnant the first time?
I’m not sure I ever did?!?!? Ha ha

Its important to make time for yourself. With my first it took a while to feel like I could leave her even with daddy for a few hours but when I finally did to have so much as a lunch with friends or have my nails done it felt amazing! I was so happy to get home to her of course but it is nice to have even that little bit of time occasionally where you can totally relax and not have to scoot off at a baby demand – whatever one of them it might be!

Just that little time out at whatever capacity is enough to make a tired Mama feel great.

Katy Johnson for Sassy Mama-27Any local businesses that make your pregnancy journey easier?
Mumzworld have been a great help with online orders and quick deliveries of items needed at home – ive potty trained my almost 2 year old so we’ve not been able to trek too far for a couple of weeks!

I have my daughters 2nd birthday coming up in a few weeks and also have my eye on some of the beautiful wooden toys from Baby Souk’s Le Toy Van and Plan Toys collections. They are so gorgeous – this has saved me a lot of time that I don’t currently have!!

Katy Johnson for Sassy Mama-24Did you or do you have any weird and wonderful cravings?
Carbs! I have loved carbs I the form of pasta and mash potato throughout both of my pregnancies and the saltier the better!

Early on with my daughter I was addicted to tea and biscuits – I kept m and s hong kong in business!

Very embarrassingly this time I did go own the route of craving pot noodles during my first trimester – every mouthful tasted like cardboard and I knew it. I felt gross but I just couldn’t seem to get enough of the salty rubbish *hangs head in shame*

I knew my husband would disapprove so I was even buying them and hiding them from him!!!! – shame!

Katy Johnson for Sassy Mama-32Where will you be having your baby and who is your OBGYN?
The American hospital dubai – Doctor Braithewaite.

She’s been fab to now and ticked all the boxes for me looking for a doctor. Shes from the UK and had worked in the NHS before which I found great comfort in and just generally is very calm, knowledgeable and continues to make me feel totally at ease and very relaxed about the whole thing.

She’s very straight talking too which I particularly like!


Thank you Katy – and Gabriela!

And also a huge thanks to Natalie Robinson for the amazing maternity shoot images





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