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The Cutest New Baby Announcements

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I have a brand new little nephew. Oliver James Meessmann, born in London on 5th May (amazingly on the same day as my daughter Violet), a cute bundle of gorgeousness. We got the exciting confirmation that he’d been born late in the evening by text, you know the usual ‘mama and baby doing well’ type thing – but then received the most amazing little birth announcement, a creative way of announcing Oliver’s entry into the world. When my eldest was born, all of 5 years ago, my husband and I spent hours photographing every perfect detail and creating a collage to send out to friends and family as a big shout out that he’d arrived. Middle child got something a little less time consuming (no collage, single image) and poor little Violet got the hospital text and a couple of whatsap piccies (sorry darling, I promise that we love you just as much as your brothers!).

Mamas are getting so creative with the birth announcements they’re sending out these days – and I’ve seen so many awesome ones that it’s almost made me consider having a 4th (I said almost). With minimal props and a little imagination you can create the cutest keepsakes and photos for your newborn’s debut into the world. And if you want a little help with capturing those magical moments, Dubai is teeming with awesome photographers with bags of experience and a  passion for shooting those beautiful bumps and teeny babes – our very own Steph Hamilton and Natalie Robinson are two of the very best with very individual styles.

Here are a few of my fave new baby announcements and pics to inspire you, share with your preggers friends or just make your heart melt a little – starting with little Olivers of course.

baby and calendar

LOVE this idea – we get to know babys name, weight, time of birth and all that jazz – and I know I’m biased but isn’t he just the most gorgeous little guy ever, and so alert, clearly he’ll be a superstar and a total genius.

birth announcement idea

How sweet is this? – fresh and new and still curled up  -and that ‘old man’ face and enormous yawn just melts my heart.

cute baby announcement

I was totally useless at remembering to take photos at each stage of my pregnancies – and I wish I’d done something like this – from that magical moment of first finding out that you’re expecting to cuddling your precious newborn, I love this little photo collage tracking the miraculous journey.

very cool baby announcement ideaA simple and really cute idea – lay your little bundle on a newspaper from the day of their birth – they’ll be the main headline of course.

artistic birth announcement

Newborns sleep in the most amazing array of positions and pull the cutest faces – how cool are these photos and doodles – we’re super inspired by this mega creative series of baby images by Adele Enerson.
big brother little sister image

I’m sorry but if this doesn’t make you well up and cry a little then I don’t know what will – how completely adorable is this big brother/baby sister image. Simply amazing.

Beautiful piccies of beautiful babies to get your week off to a good start mamas!


Featured image sourced via Pinterest

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