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The Sassy Mama Go-To List Of Top Artisan Bakeries in Dubai

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DCG bakeriesMmmm the fresh smell of bread, cakes, doughy gorgeousness baking in the oven – and we’re not talking the mass produced stuff that more resembles a sponge but rather the beautifully crafted baked goods made according to ancient practice and traditions, secret recipes, and plenty of love and time. From crusty baguettes to gluten free loaves, delicate cupcakes to hand crafted macaroons, we have hunted down the very best that Dubai has to offer. Believe us mamas, they will brighten your breakfast, make sandwiches sensational and transform tea time – these carbs are totally worth consuming!

bakerandspiceBaker & Spice
A definite favourite from our London days that never ever disappoints! Baker & Spice started in London back in the 90’s as an artisan food shop where everything was made from scratch in their kitchens and the food here is seriously delicious. But what’s on the bread menu? French baguettes, Italian focaccias, zataar and sumak bread as well as traditional German sourdoughs. Nuts, seeds, dried fruit and herbs, it’s all in there and the results are absolutely amazing.

BiOrganic Store Bakery
One of Dubai’s newest organic superstores, BiOrganic has a fab bakery that specialises in breads from around the world. In addition to the usual breads, bagels, pretzels and patisserie items (all made using the best organic ingredients of course), there are gluten-free loaves, quinoa, spelt, kamut and rye breads perfect for mamas and families with food intolerances. Of course, being a bakery, there are a few naughty options on offer – from fresh cookies to cakes and all sorts of little treats and sweets – but they’re organic so that makes them healthy and guilt-free in our eyes, right mamas?!
Telephone: (+971) (0) 44433535


Apart from having the best value (and generous) afternoon tea in Dubers at AED40/p.p (mamas it’s so worth checking out) Bloomsbury’s is a serious bakery -force to be reckoned with! The London-inspired look with vintage teacups and cake stands is just fabulous (as the Brits themselves would put it) and the cupcakes… watch out and forget the bikini diet is all we can say mamas. This lovely boutique café and artisan bakery can be found in the Dubai Mall.
Near Wafi gourmet, The Dubai Mall, Dubai
Telephone: (+971) (0)4 325 3166

choixChoix Pattiserie and Restaurant
A little slice of uber chic Paris in The Intercontinental Festival City, Choix is the lovely creation of Michelin Starred French Chef Pierre Gagnaire. A café by day and restaurant by night, this place is so much more than a bakery but our reasons for including it is that Gagnaires team of uber talented pastry chefs produce the most delicate and beautiful breads, pastries and patisserie items. Go for coffee and nibble on melt-in-the-mouth brioche or raspberry macaroons – so perfectly Parisian – ooh la la!
InterContinental Dubai
Telephone: (+971) (0) 47011136

French Bakery
One of the first dedicated Boulangeries to hit the Dubai scene became an instant success from day one. Everyday a fresh batch of Rye bread, Baguettes, German Loaves, Olive Bread and Fougasse (just to mention a few) is mixed, kneaded and baked in their own bakery. Made with flour milled from wheat grown by French farmers, the French Bakery stays true to its name. Eat in or buy your bread for takeaway. No matter what, it is always mega fresh and oh-so good.


Hummingbird Bakery
Cakes, cakes and more cakes – the Hummingbird Bakery is all about authentic American baking using the very best ingredients. From cupcakes to whoopie pies (buttercream sandwiched between the Hummingbird sponge – utterly delicious), every item is baked fresh that day by a team of resident expert bakers and cake decorators. Choose from a huge range of flavours including the ever popular Red Velvet and our personal favourite the Chocolate Malt (malty, chocolately, gooey – get the picture?!) Can’t get out? Online ordering is also available – or you can always try following the recipes in their bestselling cookbook and baking up a storm at home mamas? The littles will be getting the beautiful rainbow cake for their next birthday – perfect!
City Walk Dubai
Telephone: (+971) (0) 4 385 4506
Mall Of The Emirates
Telephone: (+971) (0) 4 399 0352
Dubai Mall
Telephone: (+971) (0) 800-HBIRD

La Maison Kayser
This place takes its breads very seriously. So much so that they’ve made it into its own unique art form and all of the breads are made from scratch in their own bakery. Each roll, loaf and baguette is supervised from start to finish by their head baker to make sure the Kayser method is applied. The Kayser method? Well, liquid leaven is used to make sure their breads get the truly artisan flavor and, according to them, “even a simple baguette takes twelve hours to be worthy of your taste buds”. (Well, if they say so…)
Psst… Eric Kayser even invented a machine for producing and optimizing leaven. We told you that bread is serious business here.

painquotodienLe Pain Quotidien
The idea behind LPQ is to provide organic bread (and food) to nourish the body and spirit, to be shared around communal tables with friends – it’s certainly a great place to meet for coffee (and yummy baked treats) with other mamas and kids. With a few locations across Dubai, this Belgian chain serves up crusty hazelnut flutes, traditional whole wheat bread, French pastries, butter Brioche and a whole lot more. Leave the diet behind for a day and try their organic bakers basket complete with butter and jams – and yes this is a post about baked goodies but their hot chocolate deserves a special mention for being so utterly divine!

Le Success
A French style bakery and patisserie that offers authentic products, baked fresh, using the finest ingredients, Le Success is inspired by the infamous boulangeries of Paris and offers typical Parisian fare from croissants to macaroons, fruit tarts and fresh baguettes as well as having a lovely laid back cafe atmosphere. Drop in for a tea or coffee while you’re picking up bread for breakfast – or better still send your other half and enjoy a lie in while waiting for fresh croissants – heaven!


These are the guys to blame for the world-wide cupcake craze that’s been going on since the late 90s and seems to never stop (and therefore also for our muffin-tops – and we’re not talking the baked kind mamas). The cookies, bars and other baked goods are needless to say really good too but the cupcakes really are the main gig here. And mamas, they do them dangerously well. Serious waistline alert!!
Psst… We are kind of loving the mini cheesecakes too (perfect for one person).
Lower Ground Level, Inside Bloomingdale’s Store, Dubai Mall, Dubai
Telephone: (+971) (0)4 3505440, 04 3308722

pascal tepper2

Pascal Tepper
What the French don’t know about bread simply isn’t worth knowing and plenty of media city mamas rave about this celebrity endorsed bakery right next to the Radisson Blu. Chef Pascal was awarded the ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ – acknowledging him as one of the finest bakers in France and for good reason. A café and a bakery (you can enjoy salads, wraps, tartines and ‘Boissons chaudes’ in their slightly-too-purple interior), the real magic lies in the bakery selection, freshly made 3 times each day, the pain au chocolat and baguettes are as authentic and delicious as they get.

pssst…these guys also supply all of the bread and baked goodies at Milk & Honey for mamas on The Palm and also soon at Mercato Mall

Don’t be fooled by the fact that they are a chain these days, PAUL now celebrates its 120- year anniversary – and we all know that practice makes perfect. Baked daily using traditional methods (family-secrets?) PAUL has a rustic range of breads on offer. Although the selection isn’t huge, the baguettes are perfectly crispy on the outside and soft (without being spongy) on the inside. Just the way they should be! 


Dubai’s only Japanese bakery, Yamanote makes a variety of European bread, pastries, cakes, croissants, sandwiches and sweet bakery items all with a cute Japanese touch (everything looks like a mini piece of art – we especially love the sweet dough character Tortoro Buns, filled with a chocolate custard cream, almost too pretty to eat.) The selection changes on a regular basis and a team of bakers, under the watchful eye of Master Baker Kuni Maeda, create new flavours and combinations with the 6 different types of flour exclusively imported from Japan. Fill up your tray with whatever takes your fancy and either enjoy on site or have it wrapped (beautifully of course) for home or as a gift.


Top image sourced via Pinterest


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