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The Little Gift That Made The Biggest Difference

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Time To Buy Gifts With Meaning. Because 2018 Is All About Doing Good, Mamas (& Valentines Day Is In A Month!)

I don’t know about you mamas, but my husband is always a nightmare to shop for. He claims to like everything and need nothing and somehow, despite working all hours, he always pulls it out of the (designer) bag for me at the last minute. But this year I stumbled across a no-mess, no-fuss present that left me with a warm glow and him with a tear in his eye (not to mention trumping him in the festive gift stakes). Ladies, I’m talking about charidee….

Although there’s no room at the inn for anymore four-legged friends at our house, my husband’s barking mad about animals so I contacted SNIFF (Strays needing Interim of Furever Friends) via facebook and it turned out there are plenty of other ways to help out our furry friends (most of the rescue groups have huge vet bills or are looking for dog walkers, drivers or extra food). And when they told me about Ray, I knew I’d found hub’s gift.

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Because while long-serving resident Ray is well-fed, well-watered and well-loved by staff, not only does he not have his only family, he doesn’t even have his own bed – and there are dozens more like him. So at SNIFF’s suggestion, I logged onto one of the many online petshops and ordered him a bed. As a bonus, I explained Ray’s plight and our present to my four-year-old mini-me to come and let her pick out the bed (everything’s a lesson, right, mamas?).


Two days later, just in time for Christmas, SNIFF sent me a receipt of confirmation and a couple of pictures of Ray curled up in his new bed. They told me was so happy he’d even tried to eat it. I printed the pictures out, stuffed them into my husband’s Christmas card and stuck it on the tree. When he opened it, he was almost too choked up to read it – a reaction he’s never had to socks! So Ray had his bed and I nailed the present, plus I’ve got all future birthdays and Christmases sorted (apparently all Ray’s buddies are jealous!). The only downside is my daughter now wants to adopt Ray. But we’ll definitely be doing it again next year – after all a dog’s bed lasts for life, not just for Christmas.

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Check out SNIFF, K9 Friends or Rescue Animals in Need United Arab Emirates if you’re struggling to find a gift for that special someone in your life!


All images sourced via Facebook page of SNIFF.

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