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Tiny Bites: MORE Café Gold and Diamond Park, open during Ramadan

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morecafeDCGNot in the mood to reheat our previous night’s dinner for lunch, we decided to take the munchkins out for lunch at MORE café. There are a few outlets around town but as you can imagine, the one by the Gold and Diamond Park felt like a given for this mama – and for anyone looking for somewhere to eat during Ramadan, this branch will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We arrived just after noon and although the place was rather busy, we got a nice big family table at once including a high chair which probably needs to go to “high-chair heaven” very soon but which miraculously survived our family outing!

photo5No sooner had we walked through the doors before my eldest son discovered the pizza making activity for kids and so there was definitely no way of getting around the fact that he would be having pizza for lunch. Needless to say, his personal fan club (spearheaded by his younger brother) decided on exactly the same thing.  While hubby and I sat down at our table to order our food, the kids ran over to the pizza counter to get ready. We are fans of eggs benedict and MORE offers a yummy and generous-sounding option with two eggs, smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce and spinach- our decision was easy. And a “side order” of pancakes just felt like the right thing to do. When we finished our order off with the two pizzas for the kids, our waitress looked at us with a smile and quietly said: “Pizza for kids is free on the weekends”. Hang on… did she just say ‘free’? Were we still in Dubai?

photo2Once we were done with our orders we headed over to see how the kids’ pizza making was going. They were both having a blast smearing tomato sauce on their faces and throwing veggies around. The pizza chef in charge was very patient and seemed to turn a blind eye to the fact that our youngest was eating the fresh tomatoes straight from the bowl instead of putting them on his pizza. When the kids were done decorating their art of dough, they were popped in the pizza oven and served up 5 minutes later at our table, piping hot (be careful mamas!) along with our eggs and pancakes. Needless to say, the boys were very excited about the food they had made themselves (I just wish they realised mama fosters the same sense of pride, even when her home cooked food gets rejected!) Although the mama jury is out on the issue of pizza, you can’t argue with the fact that it is a great way for kids to chow down vegetables they might not try otherwise.

photo3Our eggs were seriously yummy, but I probably shouldn’t have ordered mine well done, since hubby’s normal ones were just right. I tend to find some places make them too runny and you end up eating raw eggs for breakfast but at MORE you get them exactly as you ask – lesson learned for next time. All good things must come to an end and so did our eggs but we had the breakfast pancakes with syrup to literally sweeten things up. As much as I would love to say they were amazing, I honestly found them too thick. I’m sure there is a cool culinary reason for that but to us they just looked like three gigantic pound cakes with a side of syrup. Not that it stopped us from eating them all, but just a gentle word of caution if you are particular about your pancakes mamas.

photo4The final bill for our family lunch out including two eggs Benedict, one order of pancakes, one fresh apple juice for the kids to share, one large bottle of water for the adults plus two pizzas came to AED 150. That is a pretty good deal we think! The leisurely stroll back to our car through the Gold and Diamond Park made for some nice window-shopping as well as some gentle pointers to husband for future reference – let’s hope he was listening!

MORE Cafe Gold & Diamond Park will be open all day during Ramadan

Children’s cooking classes including pizza making take place regularly at weekends but please check the MORE Cafe website for details 

Sassy Mama Tip: Check out the art on the walls at MORE, it is all for sale with prices posted next to it. 



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