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New Years Resolutions (For Your Home!)

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So the new year is in full swing, the kids are back at school and you’re no doubt working on your personal resolutions, but have you given some thought to a few resolutions of your home? I think we all have a long ‘to do’ list running in our heads, but it can be tough to get it all executed, especially with a busy agenda. Let’s face it though, your home is your retreat, the place where you relax and unwind and if it’s chaotic, you will probably feel chaotic too. A few small changes can make the world of difference and it’s definitely worth the little extra effort.

Here are a some tips to consider if you wish to pledge some attention to your home this year.

Create a ‘home list’ on your smart phone
First things first. Make a list. How many times have you made the trip to Ikea only to get there and realise that you can’t seem to remember all the things you had wanted to look, at or buy? Or my personal best, you see something in a shop that you think may be ideal, but you’re not quite sure it will fit…. I think we have all been there. Making a list of things you need, with associated measurements of spaces will save you a lot of time when you do make it to the store. There are some great apps for this. Try Wunderlist – all the cool kids are using it.

New Years Resolutions (For Your Home!)

Shop at home
Before you rush out and buy, take some time to explore the things you already have at home. There are always bits and bobs in the cupboard that haven’t been used in a while, or that you’ve (ahem) forgot were even there! Just last week, I discovered an amazing rug that was rolled up and stored in my laundry cupboard. Moving furniture pieces around and perhaps using them for a different purpose is another way to freshen things up. This is particularly easy with picture frames and wall hangings.

Decorate within your limits
Curb your spending and don’t bring unnecessary stuff into the house. Try to make sure that you have a specific place and/or function in mind for any decorative pieces you want to buy, don’t just get it because it’s on sale and you think you can find somewhere for it. That’s probably how you ended up with all those extras in your cupboard! Besides, it’s the tight constraints that make those decor shows where the contestants have to work with what they have and/or a tight budget so much fun to watch. It brings out the creativity in people.

New Years Resolutions (For Your Home!)

Read decor blogs
If you like the idea of a great looking home but don’t have a natural flair for interiors, or you just need some ideas to get you on your way, subscribe to a few design and decor blogs. They are usually packed full of helpful tips and tricks to achieve a certain look, with handy DIY projects and lots of inspiration.

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