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Top 15 workouts in Dubai for 2016

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Over indulged over the holidays mama (erm…yes..guilty as charged) or looking to banish that post-baby belly and just enjoy a little ‘me time’? Get your 2016 off to a fighting fit start with our pick of the 15 best workout in Dubai and prepare to run, kick, laugh and sweat!

sassy mama perkOh and just to help get you started, our friends at Guava Pass, an awesome online resource that will help you find, book and enjoy unlimited fitness classes in the Middle East (and Australia or Asia if you’re travelling!) are offering our readers a special deal – simply visit their site and enter dxb1wktrial349 on login to receive a free week trial plus a rate of only AED 349 per month membership. What are you waiting for mamas?! Let’s do this!

A Barre Class at Physique 57

Working out at a ballet barre – how hard can it be? Well we thought exactly the same mamas, until we gave it a go and realized that there’s a reason so many celebs owe their beautiful bods to this method. Using your own body as resistance, the 57 minute class targets each of the muscle groups to fatigue (yes, that means you can expect a lot of shaking mamas) in a carpeted studio and using various pilates style props in addition to the barre. Whether you’re already a fitness fanatic or you want to notice results fast, this is definitely one of the best ways to do it.


Hooping classes with Flowground

Worried that you haven’t kept a hoop on your hips since primary school? Don’t be – our Ed Kaya was hooked after her first hooping class and for good reason (check out what she had to say here). This is exercise disguised as fun – 1 ½ hours of learning moves you thought you could never master (if I can do it, anyone can – ED), to an awesome soundtrack, with a group of the most friendly people and at a fab location at one of the warehouses in Al Serkal. But don’t’ be fooled, it doesn’t only look cool it’s also a seriously good workout that helps shape and tone plus get your heart pumping. There are weekly ‘jam’ sessions where the hoopers spill out on the fairylit streets of this Al Quoz district. Honestly mamas, you’ll be hooked (hooped) too.


Crossfit at gold box

This mighty fitness centre is the reason for so many of Dubai’s beautiful bods and guarantees to whip you into shape in no time. But what exactly is Crossfit? Well in a nutshell it’s a hardcore training program that builds stamina, strength, flexibility and all-over fitness – to turn you into a superwoman capable of anything (perfect for keeping your energy up with the kiddos!). If you’re not a fan of the gym then Crossfit is the perfect option, there’s not a weight machine or elliptical in sight. If you’re looking for support and community, a tailored workout program, you’re a bit of a fitness fanatic (or masochist!) then give this a go – many police academies and professional athletes swear by it –need we say more?


SUP yoga lessons with Sea You

There’s nothing we love more than being out on the water, especially now that the weather is just so gorgeous. So how about practicing your yoga moves on a Stand Up Paddleboard on the calm waters of Palm Jumeirah? Perfect whether you’re a yoga bunny or totally new to the whole thing, benefits include core conditioning (that’s a toned tummy), improved balance and a stronger body and mind. Perfect. There’s also a little SUP involved so you can enjoy being on the ocean – and the option of a dip to cool down at the end. These guys also offer pilates on the board or just SUP classes if that’s more your thing. Available at 9am on Sundays, to kick off your week!


Sassy Mama Sofia gave Flywheel a whirl and loved it (check out her full review here). This is spinning but for the 21st Century, a super intense class that combines indoor cycling, on a static bike, complete with performance-tracking devices, with serious cardio and pumping tunes! Oh, and a healthy dollop of competition – there’s a screen at the front of the studio where the top 10 bikers names are displayed at all times. Your butts might be a little sore but they’ll never look better. On your bikes mamas!


Parkour classes with Movement Parkour DXB

This sport isn’t reserved only for street dudes and skateboarders – it happens to be one of the most unique, fun and cool ways to get fit (and look hip in the process) and absolutely anyone can do it. You’ll learn the basic parkour movements of jumping, crawling, balancing and the entire city will become your workout space. Parkour is for positive thinkers (there’s no room for negativity or indecision when you’re leaping in between buildings) and promises weight loss, agility and a strong body and mind. We’re definitely signing up this year mamas.

Rowing Classes with Monty’s Rowing School

Say goodbye to bingo-wings and flab with regular rowing sessions on Dubai Creek (how cool is that?!). Monty’s Rowing School offer daily classes that exercise all muscle groups and develop strong core fitness and physical strength. These guys aim to get you out on the water and rowing as a team as quickly as possible – taking in the sights of old Dubai in the process – great for your body and your mind. We love.


Reformer Cardio Pilates at Real Pilates

If you can commit to 3 x reformer cardio pilates classes each week then you can expect amazing results mamas (our Ed Kaya did exactly that before getting married and raves about it). This is pilates on steroids, using reformer machines, a jump board and mini tramp – each move is repeated until your muscles are really (really) tired and there are only very teeny moments in between each sequence to grab a drink and catch your breath. It’s hard work but it’s so worth it! If you’ve never used a reformer machine before then you’ll have to book in for some basic classes before hitting up the cardio sessions.

Aerial Hoop at Pole Fit Dubai

Believe you can fly? You will do after stretching, swinging and flexing at 3 feet off the ground. Not only will your classes provide great topic for conversation at the next girls night out but also target your core and upper body plus burn about 400 calories per hour session and provide plenty of fun to boot. The class will teach key exercises to build the strength required for all sorts of cool tricks – you’ll be spinning, rolling, flipping and posing in no time mamas.


Aqua biking at L’Atelier Aquafitness

Not sure whether to go for a spinning class or aqua aerobics? Well now you can do both with an Aqua Biking class at L’Atelier Aquafitness (we have to be honest, we always thought this was some kind of chic French boutique – but turns out that actually it’s beautiful bodies not couture clothing you can expect to come away with). A 45 minute class on a bike submerged to chest level in a swimming pool, this session is perfectly suited to all fitness levels – even pregnant ladies can participate. There’s a more advance cardio version once you get the hang of the basics – or if you want to up the ante and throw in some dance moves, they also offer Aquaswing classes to some pumping tunes.

The Circuit Factory

This is a seriously good exercise class that, according to their website, ‘strips fat’ and ‘makes you incredibly fit’ (we were sold at the fat bit alone). Classes start with a timed run after which everyone is put through their paces with circuit training that involves 10 exercises stations, finishing off with a few moves at what is affectionately called ‘The Beastline’. Whether you’re mega fit or the thought of this class alone is making you sweat, The Circuit Factory has something for everyone. Want a little more motivation? Why not try their monthly ‘Challenge’, a combination of hardcore exercise and clean eating with guaranteed results. They measure your body, weight and fitness on day one plus give you a programme to follow – all you gotta do is commit. Come on mamas you can do it!

fit republik

Kickboxercise at Fit Republik

Feeling a little stressed out mamas? The Kickboxercise class at this amazing mega gym is the ideal way to sweat it out with fast-paced high intensity moves and a few jabs thrown in – a foundation to traditional kick boxing combined with cardio training for improved fitness, strength and of course the chance to punch out all that stress!


Hot Pilates & Hot Yoga at Zoga Yoga studio & Café

Some like it hot – or hotter – and we’re not talking the Dubai weather mamas. This gorgeous boutique studio in Downtown offers pilates and yoga classes in a room heated to 39 degrees Celsius – in a method that’s said to leave you supple and super fit (if not quite thirsty!) in no time. Also a fab way to detox (basically sweat out) all the toxins – hot pilates and yoga fans notice glowing skin and a more toned body in just a few regular sessions – um, yes please! We also quite fancy the ‘Anger Release & Gonging’ class at Zoga, for when we feel a little mad.

Bounce Fit Classes at Bounce

Who knew it, one of the most fun places for the whole fam in Dubai actually offers one of the best workouts in the city! The Bounce Fit Classes are designed with more than just leaping around like loons in mind – this is structured exercise that’s supercharged and improves all-over muscle tone while blasting the flab – all to a pumping soundtrack and with plenty of laughs.



Mountain Buggy Fitness Program

Wondering how to get a workout in when the littles need taking care of? These hour-long classes are targeted specifically for mamas to regain their pre-pregnancy body, and fitness level (and they allow you to bring your tot, and buggy along too!). The programme focuses on strengthening the core, toning the bum and thighs, and building up overall strength. Plus, they include stretching to improve flexibility, and even specific core and pelvic floor strengthening exercises! The outdoor class lets you soak in that vitamin D, whilst your bub gets some fresh air too. We know it already feels like you’re exercising by pushing your buggy around all day, so why not get a proper workout doing it?

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