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Water Babies: An Unique Underwater Photoshoot with Baby Angels Photography

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There’s nothing I love better than getting gorgeous snaps of my kids so when I heard about a children’s underwater photographer in Dubai, I just had to know more. There’s something very beautiful and serene about a child being a free spirit under the water, enjoying the world below the surface.

underwater photographer in dubai

Amazing photographer Branka is the founder of Baby Angels Photography which specialises in underwater shoots. All she needs is the use of a private pool (so that it’s exclusive to the shoot), no chlorine added on the day of photography and a few little water babies eager to show their underwater moves!

underwater photographer in dubai

My daughter Amara is 3 and loves to swim underwater – she’s been to lessons since she was two years old and is very confident swimming above and below the water. My twins are younger and need assistance, so I decided to do the shoot with Amara’s two friends, Mia who is 4 and Iman who is 5. Both girls are really strong swimmers, so I knew they would encourage each other and have so much fun in the process.

underwater photographer in dubai

Branka immediately put the girls at ease (it probably helps that she’s a mama of 3). She showed them it was about having fun jumping in and out of the pool, playing and swimming rather than being asked to say “Cheese” The kids had so much fun and patiently waited for their turn to jump in and play at the bottom of the pool in front of the camera. I had to admire Branka’s patience as she spent more than an hour in the pool with the girls doing exactly as they wished!

IMG_5995 IMG_6002
They took her directions very well, listening to every instruction she gave them. Branka was extremely professional, warm and her passion for photography shone through. She was well prepared with weights around her body to keep her underwater longer – her impressive underwater camera wasn’t a joke and looked mega heavy.

underwater photographer in dubai

To do a shoot like this, here’s a little more info.

  • Children of any age can attend the photo shoot. That said, the ideal starting age is around 18 months, so the child can be on their own inside the pool without support. The older they are – from around 3 years onwards – the more the variety of shots including underwater diving and other stunts. If your child can open their eyes under water, Branka can achieve much more spectacular results.
  • The shoot takes no more than 30 minutes. The actual timing of the shoot depends on your location in relation to the sunlight, as maximum direct sunlight makes for far better pictures.
  • The use of a private pool
  • You don’t just have to just wear swimsuits – Branka has photographed kids fully clothed and has even added props such as skateboards, balls and other toys. Wearing googles tends to block much of the face so it’s better not to.

underwater photographer in dubai

We asked Branka a little more about her work as an underwater photographer and she told us;

“The first time I took an underwater image, I looked at the finished picture with some trepidation, not really knowing what to expect. The results stunned and surprised me: an image of a three year old, eyes wide open, smiling, moving freely without a care in the world. Within days, I had invested in some of the best underwater cameras on the market, and now find this the most thrilling and fascinating photography to do. If your child can swim, capturing the joy on their faces in high resolution, with pure and natural movements is something unique and special. Children are so happy and relaxed under water, its another beautiful world down there.” 

Mamas if you want some truly unique images of your little ones then we can’t recommend Branka highly enough -these piccies will be treasured forever.

underwater photographer in dubai

Underwater photography is priced at AED 400 per image for 1-3 images, AED 300 per image for 4-6 images and AED 200 per image for 7-15 images. Also available is a combination of underwater and above water (at the pool) of min 20 images delivered in a special brown box covered with exquisite organic materials for 2500 AED. All details can be found here.

Baby Angels Photography,

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