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Get Beach Body Beautiful With VelaShape at Belle Femme Beauty Boutique & Spa

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Time for that post-baby belly to be gone…

We all know about clean eating, and regular exercise but what about body shaping that doesn’t involve rigorous plank holding and eating mountains of kale? Yes, mamas, it’s possible – the VelaShape treatment by Belle Femme Beauty Boutique & Spa isn’t a replacement for diet and exercise (sorry) BUT it is a great secret weapon to help get your body detoxed, contoured and gorgeous – hooray!

On a mission to get bikini ready, we headed down to the uber gorgeous Belle Femme location at JBR The Walk where Vili, the in-house VelaShape specialist (yes, there’s a person dedicated to helping you tackle those wobbly bumpy bits) got to work.

Step 1: The VelaShape machine – a device that contours the body and claims to reduce cellulite in just 4 sessions (can we have one at home?!). This awesome piece of kit uses mechanical massage with infrared and radiofrequency to create a controlled heat that targets fat cells in problem areas (bottoms, legs, thighs, tummies). It basically melts fat. Amazing.

Step 2: The Lymphatic drainage – a bit like a hug for your whole body using blue arm, leg and tummy wraps that inflate and deflate, stimulating the elimination of toxins and fats. We found this part strangely relaxing (despite looking kind of weird) – and we loved saying bye-bye to all that water-retention.

Step 3: The Ionic Footspa – time to rid your bod of all that icky stuff. Face in a magazine, feet in a bath of salt infused water – the final part of the treatment uses negative ions to attract positive ions (that’s science talk for toxins) and expel them through your feet. The part we loved most? That the water changes colour according to how toxic you are (ours went orange, not all that bad), so if you’ve been brunching all weekend then prepare yourself for a whole lot of grey, mamas.

The magic trio complete, we felt lighter, less bloated and actually completely relaxed (gotta love an hour of uninterrupted ‘mama time’) plus our skin was glowing and soft (even according to the hubby). VelaShape delivered results after only 1 session – and while it’s recommended that you book in for a few to really tackle those problem areas – you can guarantee to be back in those skinny jeans or feeling bikini ready in no time.

sassy mama perkAs a special Sassy Mama Perk, they are offering all of us a 10% discount, which will be granted for your first session, and a further 10% will be granted on package deals tailored for you by the specialist (make the most of it mamas, you won’t regret it!)

How To Book: Use promo code Sassybelle (valid until Friday, 8 April, 2016)

Belle Femme Beauty Boutique & Spa, JBR, Dubai, UAE, 044370207,

Brought to you in Partnership with Belle Femme

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