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February Giveaway: Win a Botox Treatment and an Oxygen Facial from CosmeSurge!

Win a Botox Treatment and an Oxygen Facial from CosmeSurge

From the one and only dermatologist who consulted with Kim Kardashian West herself!

Aging gracefully is no easy feat, mama. But as the fine lines and crow’s feet settle in, we have to shout about our February Giveaway from the rooftop: one lucky Sassy Mama will win a Botox session with Dr. Pegah Ceric-Dehdari, as well as an Oxygen Facial, courtesy of CosmeSurge.

Consultant to none other than Kim Kardashian West, Dr. Pegah is German Board C with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, so she really knows what she’s doing. And with a shot of Botox and Dr. Pegah’s touch, those fine lines around your brows, eyes and forehead will gradually disappear. The treatment lasts up to six months, and there’s no sedation, anaesthetic, or surgery required – you could even hit up the gym after! You’ll be looking fresh and rejuvenated in no time, mama.

Living in Dubai, we all know the damage the sun does to our faces, so follow this up with an Oxygen Facial to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Your lacklustre skin will look replenished and healthy. Sounds alright by us!

So, if all the above sounds absolutely fabulous, fill in your deets below for a chance to win both! Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed. 

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