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The Sweetest Soiree or Birthday Bash with WK Celebrations

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We’ve found the dessert table to top all dessert tables with WK Celebrations, just in time for that end of summer bash!

We’re all about making sure the kiddos have a balanced diet, but there’s no harm in letting them indulge every now and again – especially when it’s party time!  Sheila Hoesch, the awesome German mama behind WK Celebrations (WK stands for Wunderkind Celebrations, in case you were wondering!) knows exactly what it’s like planning a child’s birthday party. That’s why she’s combined her love for sweet treats and food styling with her desire to make your life a little easier come P-Day. WK Celebrations takes the time out to discover exactly what you want and designs a table of goodies to your specifications, taking into consideration your personal style, fave sweeties and personality too!

So what exactly does each table come with, mama? Think gorgeous little candy jars full of whatever your tots desire whether that be colour matched bon bons, marshmallows, lollipops and more, plus themed goodie bags for their friends to take home! Depending on what package you go for, you can even get additional services and treats such as personalised macaroons and cupcakes, a birthday cake (plus cake pops) and lush Belgian chocolate truffles – yum! Plus, for a little extra you can even get some other party planning done as they can sort out invitations amongst other decorations for you too.

If you want to make your child’s party or even one of your own the sweetest ever, give Sheila and her team a little shout by emailing them at or ringing (+971) (0)55 645 0216. As easy as giving candy to a baby.

WK Celebrations, (+971) (0)55 645 0216,

Featured image sourced via WK Celebrations

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