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Work those Muscles Mamas – How to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

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Squeeze, tighten and work those muscles mamas… and we really mean those muscles. A few weeks back, a mutual friend told us about this place where she went for pelvic floor strengthening and muscle toning. As you can probably imagine, our first reaction was- say what? But then curiosity got the better of us and we decided to go give it a try.

As we are all painfully aware, age makes our muscles less strong and with that comes the sagging of the human body. A natural process that seriously sucks (!) but there are some good ways to prevent it from becoming a problem.

The weight gain and pressure from an expanding uterus during pregnancy puts a lot of pressure (literally) on your pelvic floor. And after nine months of keeping it together comes the delivery…yeah. Whether it is a normal or a c-section, your pelvic floor will definitely take a hit and start to lo(o)se hope.

For many mamas, the 6 -week check up after delivery is a quick visit where your doctor confirms that all is well with the uterus universe and, if you are lucky, that your stomach muscles have gone back together. After which, they send you on your way with a cheerful “see you for number two”! But hang on, your pelvic floor has just done almost a year of OT, shouldn’t you be doing something to make sure it gets a bit of TLC?

The examination at Physio Art is needless to say very hands-on, we will spare you the details, but you will flex, squeeze, tighten and give your pelvis a good old workout. The lovely lady who does these assessments and trainings is very straight forward, super-friendly and no-nonsense. On your first visit you (or your pelvis rather) will go through a strength test and get a score from 1-5 to help assess whether you need to come back for an assisted training program or can continue your Kegels at home. A training program at Physio Art varies from 10-20 sessions depending on your needs, and are usually prescribed 2 to 3 times per week.

So, what if I get a 2, does that mean I’m never going to have a good giggle again without peeing my pants? Nope mamas, it just means that you need to put some work in, Kegels alone won’t cut it.

Now listen up mamas, the point of this isn’t to have you start worrying about what sneezing might do to your fancy pants, although those things can be important too. Our pelvic floor supports our entire lower region and helps keep vital organs in place. Some women (and men) experience what is called a prolapse, when organs fall down or slip out of place, later in life without really having realized they were at risk in the first place. Not life-threatening but very unnecessary problem to have to go through.

You may be thinking, this is important stuff and how come nobody mentioned it to me before? Well, we just did. Peace and Love Mamas.

Physio Art
Beach Park Plaza, Shop 6 Ground Floor, Jumeirah Road, Dubai. Tel: (+971)(0)4 385 6677 


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