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What To Do If You’ve Got A Bad Back

German Neuroscience Center
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Bad back, Mama? Head to GNC for a consultation

Did you know that back pain is the second most common reason for adults visiting the doctor? In fact, around 84% of adults experience it during their lifetime. And as Mamas, it’s all to do with growing babies, giving birth, and then carrying those kiddos around – but we really shouldn’t be ignoring it.

Back pain is actually a symptom, rather than a disease – and that means we need to get to the bottom of it and find a diagnosis. And whilst visiting a neurologist may not be your first thought, it is an important step to identify or rule out the most serious forms of back pain that can damage the nervous system.

For 10 years, GNC (German Neuroscience Center) has been one of Dubai’s most renowned neurology, psychology, counselling and psychiatry clinics, with some of the world’s leading doctors in respective fields. With locations in both Dubai Healthcare City and Jumeirah Lake Towers, the neurology department is the place to head when you are bothered by back pain. Each doctor in the department has a minimum experience in professional Neurology of 24 hours – pretty impressive, right?

But what could that back pain be caused by? A slipped disk is the most common serious type of back pain – and it’s really serious, as a slipped disk can damage the central and peripheral nervous system. And if a slipped disk herniates, it can squeeze the spinal cord with some very unpleasant consequences (sorry, don’t mean to scare…).

And don’t forget that the clinic can help kiddos too, whether they need help for back pain or you’re looking for family services in Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Family Therapy or Marriage Counselling. Definitely worth adding to the little black book, right Mamas? That’s your health sorted.

Contact GNC (German Neuroscience Center) by calling (+971) (0)4 4298 578; emailing or visiting

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