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3 Ways To Prepare Your Home For the Summer

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You might be ready for the summer holidays (anyone else had their bags packed and a countdown calendar on the go for weeks?!) but what about your home? Whether you’re leaving for a few days or a few weeks, take a few simple steps to ensure that all is well when you get back. We’ve picked 3 simple ways to prepare your home for the hot summer months mamas!

house plantsPamper your plants

Got house plants? Don’t leave them thirsty and unloved – enrol them in the first ever Plant Summer Camp at the Dubai Garden Centre (yup, summer camp isn’t just for the kids – this is Dubai after all) and they’ll take care of them as if they were their own. And the best part? It’s totally free of charge!
Summer camp date: June 25th to August 30th, 2015
Drop off: The Dubai Garden Centre
Maximum number of indoor plants per person: 3

Maximum high of indoor plant: 1.25m

natural pest controlControl the pests

You may not have seen any nasties lurking in the house (we’re talking roaches, ants and other unwanted beasties) but that doesn’t mean that they won’t take up residence while you’re away. Insects love seeking refuge from the hot weather especially if the humans aren’t around so get your home treated as a preventative measure – Bug Busters are an awesome pest control company founded by a very sassy mama of 2 whose team get to grips with everything from roaches (ahghgh!) to rodents. Using only the very best treatments possible (mostly non toxic and highly effective), the Bug Busters guys will make sure that your home stays free of any uninvited house guests.
Treatments for a villa start at AED 500 and come with a follow up service and 3 month guarantee ac

Save Energy & Get The A/C Serviced & Cleaned

Things are gonna get hot mamas so close the curtains to keep the sun out and the cool in. The guys at Jim’ll Fix It are our air-conditioning saviours (you may have seen them driving around in their snazzy purple and yellow vans which, by the way, are fully equipped so that any problems can be dealt with there and then without endless trips for spare parts). The Jim team advise setting your thermostat to 27 degrees so that it comes on every now and then and gives your home a blast. They also offer a fab a/c service and clean to make sure that no issues develop while you’re away (and their technicians seriously know their stuff so rest assured you’ll be in good hands).
Getting your ducts cleaned will ensure that your fam is breathing clean air when you return – the technicians have a cool camera that is inserted into the duct to review all the dirt and then a rotating brush that cleans the sides of the duct and sucks into a vacuum (perfect for older properties where bacteria and mould – yuk – can accumulate over time). The treatment is finished with a special anti fungal/bacterial sanitiser that zaps all the icky stuff away – hooray!
Service and clean for 2 air ducts starts at AED 1200

So there you have it mamas – happy holidays and happy home!

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