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Summer travels: is your home ready for your trip?

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Get Your Home Summer Ready With This Quick Checklist

Your bags are packed…you’re ready to go…

But wait.

Before you John Denver your way to the airport, pause for a minute and think: did you make the necessary arrangements to make sure that your home will be as you left it when you return? The UAE offers some unique challenges because of the scorching summer heat and infamously high humidity. Heat plus humidity equals a disaster-in-waiting for your home unless you take the proper steps beforehand.

mrUsta is an online marketplace that offers a full list of service providers across the UAE – so there’s not need to shop around! Simply post the job you want doing and all of the relevant companies will quote to do the work – plus you can check out their ratings and testimonials. Genius!

Here’s a brief checklist on what mrUsta suggests you do before you take your break:

Air conditioning

Under absolutely no circumstances should you shut your AC off during your absence. Even though your air conditioning does take up a significant percentage of your monthly DEWA bill, you’ll want to leave it on while you’re gone. Keeping it at 25 degrees is more than suffice; it’ll ensure that there is a consistent flow of cool air to keep undesirables like mold (which can also be dangerous if you’re allergic) from making your home their home.

So it’s highly advisable to get your ACs checked and your ductwork cleaned before you leave on your vacation. mrUsta has plenty of service providers that do both, so post your job here or here to get the work done.

Water heater

Your water is one of those home appliances you take for granted. When it works – all is good. When it fails, panic ensues. Although you won’t need to leave it on for the summer, it is highly recommended that you have it inspected before you leave. Failing water heaters are the number one reason for home flooding in the UAE.

More likely than not, you probably have an Ariston brand heater – you can easily have it checked out by Ariston themselves with favorable terms through mrUsta here.

Pest control

Cockroaches love the heat (YUK!). And you know what they love more than the summer? Your home – especially when you’re gone. Take advantage of your time away, when both your family and pets are out of the house, to get some general pest control done. You don’t really want to come home to a bunch of insects getting too comfortable on your couch feeding off your crumbs.

The great thing in the UAE is that pest control service providers are highly regulated. They must provide you with a six-month warranty, and the chemicals they use must be odorless and safe for children. Save yourself some time and book your pest control services through mrUsta.

Deep cleaning

Speaking of crumbs, it may be a good time to look at some deep cleaning for your home. You want to come back to your home as you left it – dust-free and spic and span clean. Deep cleaning will also keep your home bug and mold (and fungus) free. Your toilets are also a great incubator for bacteria and other nasties – you want those as well as your bathroom cleaned real well before departing.

With mrUsta, it’s also easy to book cleaning services. Just go here.

Little knick-knacks here and there

How long you been putting off hanging a painting? Or changing lightbulbs that are just beyond your reach? Or maybe hang your new curtains?

There is no better time than now to get these small jobs done around the house because it is practically GUARANTEED you won’t get them done after you get back (you know – post-vacation blues and all).

Get yourself a handyman and sort these things out!

You’ll need to pack a few things before you leave – your clothes, your toothbrush; other toiletries. But wouldn’t it be great if you also packed a peace of mind? Only then can you have the vacation you know you deserve. So just follow the helpful guideline above, and vacation like you’ve never vacationed before!

Hero image sourced via Instagram handle of Cestici.

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