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5 Hair Hacks You Need to Know

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All the tips and tricks to keep your locks looking their best!

With Christmas and the new year right round the corner, we know just how important it is to be looking and feeling your very best. We’re keeping the effort level to the minimum with these with 5 super easy hair hacks every mama should know.

  1. Organic coconut oil has so many uses, it’s rich in minerals and vitamins, and has amazing benefits for your body from head to toe. The amazing thing you could to do with coconut oil for your hair is heat it up so it’s melted into a warm liquid form and rub it into your scalp and the rest of your locks – wrap your head with a hot towel for 5 minutes so it really penetrates and let the coconut oil sit in for about an hour or two – when you wash it off you’ll immediately notice how soft and luscious your hair feels. Over time, you’ll see that it strengthens your hair too.

Toothbrush hair

  1. Have you ever tied a slick back pony or a stylish chignon and noticed that the look isn’t quite there thanks to your baby hairs? Unless you’re going for the whole Jennifer Lopez look – then by all means embrace the baby hairs! Or, alternatively you can use an old toothbrush, spray some hair spray on there and comb back those pesky fly-aways!
  1. So we know our sassy mamas run a busy schedule and have quite the social life so, your locks may have suffered a lot of styling, or it’s often tied up in a messy bun – either way there is very little downtime to condition and repair it. This is what you do – every time you style your hair at a salon, ask for a treatment but if you’re on a budget tell them to keep the conditioner on for 5 minutes instead of the usual two. And when you wash your own hair at home, unless your hair is seriously in need of a cleanse, wash your hair with only conditioner and top it off with a serum. We also recommend air drying your hair or dry it with the cool option on your hair dryer to avoid heat damage and keep lovely locks looking healthy.


  1. Get a root cover up powder – not only do you need in between your root touch-ups, we’ve found out that the product also covers up any areas that have hair thinning, allowing your hair to look fuller. Have a seriously defined side part? Dust the powder along it to cover it up – spray hairspray on top for longer lasting results. We also love the powder kind of works like a dry shampoo as the powder soaks up any oils.
  1. There are some people that are blessed with naturally full, volumised hair but then there are some of us that could use a bit of help. For that added hair lift that won’t wear flat in seconds, here’s what you can do. Get a baby crimping iron and crimp hair closest to the roots and only there. Make sure it’s only on the lower layers of your hair and not the hair that lays on top. Brush out the kink a little and spray it with texturising dry shampoo for added volume and staying power. Finally style the final top layer of hair as you like and see how dramatically volumised your tresses are. If you want more and mega-volume you can go back in and tease the hair even more.09

Don’t worry mamas, you can thank us later!

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