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7 Cool Birthday Party DIYs

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It’s safe to say that Pinterest changed birthday parties forever mamas (as well as fashion, interior design and – well, let’s not get into that here), which is both the best and worst thing that ever happened to appointed party planners. Birthdays just seem to get more elaborate by the day, but you don’t have to fork over a silly amount of money for the kiddos to have an amazing bash! We’ve found a few simple and easy DIYs that’ll keep you in budget and the tots happy below…


Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

There’s nothing quite like the childish joy that comes with putting sprinkles on your ice cream and we recently came across this amazing rainbow buttercream sprinkle cake for the kiddos. (Doesn’t that combination of words just make your mouth salivate?) Covered entirely in sprinkles, slicing into the cake will be the best surprise when your bub realises there are multi-coloured layers inside. I’m not exactly the best baker in the office so I’m going to shoot you over to Kate Wagner’s amazing tutorial here for the rainbow connection.


Bubble Mixture

Is your little having a birthday party in the grand outdoors? Bubbles are always a hit with the tots and you don’t have to fork out for those tiny store-bought solutions, you can actually make it yourself! All you need is four cups of warm water, a cup of dish soap, a couple of dashes of glycerin and mix everything together. Leave the solution to sit overnight and make a couple of wands out of vibrant pipe cleaners and let the kiddos run wild. We’re loving the easy refill dispenser above as well by La La’s Home Day Care, what a neat idea! 


DIY Superhero Face Masks

It doesn’t seem like the superhero craze is slowing down any time soon, with the new Avengers film, Ant Man and Wonder Woman all scheduled for the next couple of years. Why not get your little superheroes in the mood with a few masks? No one does them better than the fab mama from Cutesy Crafts – to grab the templates and check out the full tutorial, take a looksie here.


Jell-O Slices

These definitely take me back to my college days, however these super vibrant snacks are always hits with the kiddos. You’re going to need about six oranges, 2/3 cups of boiling water and four packages of varyingly flavoured jelly powder.

  1.  Split your oranges into halves.
  2. Squeeze out the juice and scoop out the pulp. Waste not, want not mamas; why not make some juice for brekkie?
  3. Mix the boiling water with the jelly powder until everything’s dissolved.
  4. Lay out the orange shells on a tray (a cupcake tray always alleviates the mess) and carefully pour the mixtures into the shells.
  5. Chill overnight.
  6. Slice each orange cup into thirds to serve. Get creative with your garnishing as well, we’re loving the little sails on the slices above which would be perfect for a pirate-themed party.
  7. Enjoy!


Pom-Pom Cupcake Garland

This is one that would be totally fun to do with your children. The easy route is to snag a bag of premade pom poms in two different sizes; one big enough to fill a cupcake wrapped comfortably and the other one a much smaller topping. We’d recommend checking out Creative Minds or even Daiso. Otherwise you can get super crafty and even make your own pom poms with this super easy to follow DIY here.

After you’ve got all your pom poms in order, stick the smaller pom poms on top of your bigger ones to serve as a cherry garnish. Thread a needle through the centre of your bigger pom-poms to make your garland. Following that, begin sticking your big pom-poms to cupcake wrappers and leave to dry. Talk about simple, mamas.


DIY Pinata

Party décor and a party game, what’s not to love about piñatas? Save a bit of cash this year and make your own with a couple of leftover boxes, crepe paper and Styrofoam with the help of Tea and Lime’s super simple tutorial here. We’re thinking creatively here as well ladies, swap out crepe paper for a spot of aluminium foil and you could easily make a robot or space ship…

diy feather crown

DIY Feather Crown

Having a Cowboys and Indians party, ladies? Whip up these easy vibrant headdresses in no time at all. All you need is a tape measure, elasticated ribbon, superglue, scissors, beads and crystals to decorate and a bag of feathers in different sizes and colours.

  1. Measure the circumference of your tot’s head and cut a band of ribbon that’s about a third longer.
  2. Fold the ribbon in half and make a little mark where the centre is.
  3. Gather up a few feathers and begin by sticking your smallest feathers in a spaced out row. Fill those spaces with slightly bigger feathers and continue until you’re content.
  4. Cut a length of ribbon that’s long enough to cover the stalks of the feathers and superglue it on top to hide them.
  5. On the other side, begin gluing your decorations of choice to jazz it up a little.
  6. Tie around your bub’s head with a little bow!

Not feeling the feathers? No worries, simply cut out feather shapes from felt, fake leaves, paper or leftover fabric for a similar effect.

Here’s hoping your kiddo has an absolutely great time!

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