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8 Ways to Make your Kiddo Feel Extra Special on their Birthday

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Birthday ideas to make it the best one yet!

When I was a little girl, my parents went all out to make me feel special on my birthday (maybe because I was born 3 days before Christmas Day and played the ‘hard done by’ card regularly). I’m not talking mountains of presents, I mean cute little touches that made my day sparkle. I try to do the same for my kiddos now – whether it’s sticking a candle in their breakfast or filling their bath with water balloons, here are 8 of my fave ways to make the littles feel important on their big day.


1. Get decorating

I tried filling the bedroom floor with balloons once but a trip to the bathroom in the dark caused a lot of noise and confusion! Now I blue-tack a whole load of balloons on string and all over the kids walls, hanging from the door frame, light fittings, picture frames –you name it, if it can have a balloon hanging off it then it will.

2. Mirror mirror on the wall – who’s the best birthday person of them all?

You know that lipstick you’ve never been hugely keen on? Save it for writing on mirrors – a big ‘WE LOVE YOU’ or ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ and some stars and squiggles will make your kid smile while brushing their teeth – I’ve also stuck pics of them throughout the years to the mirror – they love having a laugh at their baby selves.

violet birthday collage

3. A Birthday Breakfast Feast

The night before, hubby and I set the scene for a breakfast fit for a king (or birthday boy/girl). There are balloons, flowers, decorations – and a space for pain au chocolat or some other yummy treat with a candle to blow out. Oh – and a couple of little gifts too!

4. A Treasure Hunt for your little pirates & princesses

What’s a birthday without presents? Hide little clues and chocolate coins around the house – starting with one on their breakfast plate. If your kiddos can’t read yet then draw something that’ll point them to where the next clue is – it’s so cute watching them get excited and figure it all out.

5. Make it cool to go to school

If they’re heading to see classmates on their big day then send them in with treats to share – whether it’s cupcakes or little bags of snacks (doesn’t have to be ridiculous or sugar-laden – my little girl took strawberries for everyone). Hide a birthday note in their lunch box or even wrap each of their lunch items up in birthday paper.


6. It’s ALL about them

My kids love nothing more than getting to choose an activity. If they haven’t got a party planned on their actual birthday then let them plan the afternoon – whether it’s going for ice-cream, their fave play spot or any other random thing they fancy (mine are pretty random sometimes – they like going to the carwash for example – but just go with it!).

Felix 4th b'day

7. Let them have cake

Homemade and a bit of a mess (guilty as charged) or some kind of shop bought masterpiece – which kid doesn’t love a cake with candles to blow out – even if it’s just with the fam?! Get them to pre-order what they want. My mission this year? A meteorite hitting a dinosaur. Great.

8. Get bath-bomb-tastic

This is where the awesome store LUSH comes into its own. Buy a couple of their glitter/fizzy bath balls, float balloons in the water (even make small water balloons if you’re feeling brave and don’t mind clearing up a mess) and let your littles soak away in birthday splendor.

Whatever your kiddos personality, it’s so much fun making a fuss of them on their birthday. And then congratulate yourself mama, you’ve made it through another year.

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