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A 2.3 Year Old’s Day at Inspire Nursery

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My name is Shaan Roy, I am two years and three months old (those 3 months make a BIG difference, by the way). I live in Dubai with my mama and papa and my big sister. I started going to Inspire Nursery in September and I love it. And this is all about my day.

Sunday morning… I’m going to nursery again, yay! Mummy says 5am is too early to wake up but I’m excited! ‘Yay, going to nursery, going to nursery!’ I made up this song all by myself – isn’t it awesome?!

After breakfast we drive and drive and then we park outside and Mr. Mohammed waves hello and helps us through the gate. He is so kind and does that every morning but sometimes mummy has to press a secret number into a keypad and the door opens – just like magic.

Behind the big shiny red door, we say hello to Miss Sameena, Miss Hettie and Miss Lisa and go to my Bouncing Bears classroom. I ask mama if she’s going to come back and she says YES! She’ll be back at 12 noon to collect me, so I feel good about that. And oh wow! Miss Rosemary has put out sand on our sensory tables today! I love scooping and pouring sand, bye mama!

Soon, it’s 8:30 (that’s an important time at nursery) and we start Tribe Time with the “Good Morning Song” and I say good morning to all my friends. I hope Miss Rose sings “Wheels on the Bus” today, it’s my favourite. We end Tribe Time with our special One Tribe nursery song, “Let’s Be Kind,” and then it’s time for snacks. Hooray! We all wash our hands and Miss Amy helps lay out our snacks on the big table. I sit with my friends. Some of them need help, but I’m a big boy so I can eat all by myself.

We all help tidy up and Miss Rose tells us we’re learning about “emotions” today. That’s a big word, it means happy or sad or glad or mad. It’s funny to show Miss Rose our big smiley faces and grumpy faces. Miss Luz is bringing out so many balloons now, could it be a birthday? No! We’re drawing on the balloons! Happy faces and sad faces, I like happy faces! After this activity, we go to the dramatic play area and I go straight to the play kitchen. Maybe I’ll be a chef one day… or a superhero.

Now it’s time to go to the basement, we have to go down so many stairs, Miss Luz and Miss Amy take us there two at a time so we’re safe, and no one is allowed to run. After we play in the soft play area and the basketball area, it’s time for our music class. I’m the best dancer in our class, I’m even better than my big sister, Jana, when we play the dance game at home! Music class at Inspire is the best part of my day. Next year, when I’m really big and 3, mummy says that maybe I will join the swimming and Monkeynastix classes, too. I can’t wait to be 3.

And then back upstairs to our classroom for washing hands and lunch – I only have a small snack as mummy comes to pick me up right after.

Bye, bye, everyone! It’s Monday tomorrow. I wonder what Miss Rosemary will play with us then… am so excited already. Am going to wake up at 5am again just to make sure I don’t miss it…

by Shaan Roy, aged 2 years and 3 months

As related by mum, Nisrine Abdul Malak and teacher, Miss Rosemary Antony

Inspire Children’s Nursery, Villa 8, Street 16A, just off Umm Al Sheif Street (near Spinneys Centre on Al Wasl Road), Al Safa, Jumeirah, Dubai, (+971)(0) 4 395 5473,

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