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Sassy Mama takes the plunge at Aquaventure

Aquaventure Atlantis The Palm
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It’s Getting Hot Out There! Sofia And Her Family Cool Down At Aquaventure

Nothing tops a family fun day outside this time of year without suffering from severe perspiration. How is it done? Waterpark… let’s say it together mamas… w-a-t-e-r park. And we checked out Aquaventure at Atlantis the Palm, which is so much fun!

First up, there are tons of crazy rides and loads of splashy madness to get stuck into but it’s worth noting that most of the rides are unavailable to kiddies below 120 cm. However, fear not, the shorter and younger crowd has their very own, super cute (and impressive) ‘Splashers ‘ area so all-in-all this is a fab family outing for EVERYONE, and especially for families with kids above 5 years old (or for kids who meet the height requirement with a mama who is not faint -hearted).

Here’s the low-down on how to do it….

Aquaventure water park

Sassy Mama’s Quick Guide to Your Day at Aquaventure:

  1. When you buy your entry tickets they will ask you if you would like to pre-purchase food coupons. They say it’s a lot cheaper because… it is. Don’t try to outsmart the people who work there.
  2. On the flip side… lockers and towels are not included. Towels you can perhaps bring yourself and leave by one of the rides but nobody can slide down a crazy water slide carrying a fancy handbag. Get a locker.
  3. How to pick your rides (or battles) as a parent. Here is our top list (boys aged 5 and 7):

The Zoomerango (located in the Tower of Poseidon) is one of the family rides, meaning you can all go in one inflatable ring together. Rather scary but super fun! We only did it one time in order to allow our 7-year old to keep his pride and say “this was fun but I don’t want to do it again”. You get it.

Aquaconda (also located in the Tower of Poseidon) and another ‘family ride’. Super mama and kid friendly, you swirl down a water slide that’s not too fast but it’s all super splashy and fun for the whole fam.

The Rapids (part of the river rides) is a 1.6 kilometer ride that’s slightly slow at some times but with some fun splashy parts and generally grandma-suitable (not to be sniffed at!). Our kids loved it and so did (grand)-mama.

The Torrent (part of the river rides), basically a wave generator that keeps you soaked but super happy. Again, perfect for the whole fam.

Water Coasters (located in the tower of Neptune) I think this is the perfect mix between scary and fun. You can share a ‘ring’ with your little one and it will take you down a exciting ride that’s thrilling but not too much.

Oh and If you are in the market for a serious thrill then hit up Poseidon’s Revenge which involves stepping into a capsule before the floor falls out from under your feet and you plummet straight down at speeds of 60 kilometres per hour. Our youngest wanted to do it. Thank God there is a height restriction!

Overall, Aquaventure is a lovely family day out away from the heat. Your kids will be knackered (as will you) so… enjoy!

Ps. They also have a shark safari and a dolphin and sea lion bay that we didn’t’ check out this time. But we will be back! 

Ramadan Notice:

Saturday 4 June to Saturday 24 June 2017.

During this period all rides at the Tower of Neptune will be closed for maintenance.




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