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7 Tactics to avoid Toddler Tantrums

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Even the thought of our kiddos screaming and shouting makes us despair. Here are some tips on avoiding those terrible toddler tantrums.

It’s something even the sassiest of Mamas can’t avoid – the dreaded toddler tantrum. I am only a few months into the toddler reign, and boy is it hard work. However, I have come across a couple of tips which helped calm my toddler down, and I can only hope that this wisdom can come to your aid the next time your little one has a manic meltdown. Here are seven tricks that I have used to curb my toddler’s tantrum.

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This one is handy if you are out and about, and almost always works. If I’m on the road, I will start pointing to the buses and cars (or making up a sighting of some exotic creature nearby!). If I’m in a shop I will hand him something sturdy (so he doesn’t break it in rage) or a soft cuddly toy to tickle him with.

Show some love

If we are at home and a tantrum begins to rage, I usually try to calm him with a hug and plenty of love (it’s worth persisting even if your little one pushes you away at first). This really helps him mellow down.

Copy them

This one may not be prescribed by the experts, but I find that it turns my toddler’s wails into giggles. I simply copy him. Make sure you are firstly in the confines of your own home (not sure how appropriate having an adult tantrum would be in the middle of Dubai Mall), and then proceed to mimic their every action- the throwing, the wailing, and the rolling on floor. Within seconds, you will have your toddler’s quiet and undivided attention.

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Feed them

Food is a good distraction as any. (Don’t I know it!) A biscuit or carrot stick (ok, maybe not) to munch on does the trick.

Give in… just a little

Sometimes there just isn’t enough energy to go through the entire process of calming a baby down, so simply give in… just a little. You must make a list of pros and cons of your action before doing so, but on some occasions it is okay to let your toddler watch 10 more minutes of Baby TV than go through 30 minutes of rage.

Embrace it

The same way in which adults sometimes need to cry their problems away, sometimes the best way to deal with a crying toddler is to let them cry it out. Your little one is overtired and cranky, and just needs to get this strop out of his/her system. So once you have made sure that your kiddo is not in any pain, or hungry or anything that you can generally help with, proceed to simply embrace the tantrum. Or put your earplugs in and wait!

Have you got any tips you would like to add that have worked for you and your toddler? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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