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Caboodle Citywalk Has Had A Makeover Mamas!

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CABOODLE DCGFab play area and mom salon Caboodle in Citywalk has had a makeover so mama decided to take the kids along for a play and have one too! While the minis enjoyed an hour of supervised fun at the newly revamped digs, I treated myself to a mani/pedi and a blowdry (and more importantly 60 blissful uninterrupted minutes to just sit and be!).

DSC_1719After a particularly stressful morning with all 3 of my little monsters refusing to get along, transforming the house into a battle zone and pushing all the wrong buttons, we arrived at Caboodle more than a little frazzled and in serious need of a change of scene to facilitate swapping sulking for smiling. Needless to say, as soon as the littles spied the bright new play area complete with wooden climbing structure (that was quickly adopted as their ‘fort’), ride along cars, trampoline, computer stations and  toys to discover they got stuck right into romping around in their indoor playground and forgot all about their sibling scuffles.

DSC_1715While the Caboodle child minders kept a watchful eye on the kiddos, mama ventured across the corridor to her own kind of playground, a tranquil beauty room with mani/pedi stations, mini hair salon and a relaxed vibe mixed with a kind of Scandinavian style neutral feel with the signature Caboodle pops of bright colour and charming wall stencils. One hair shampoo and mini scalp massage later, I was feeling relaxed and ready for my transformation to begin! I have to say, sat at one of the 4 mani/pedi stations while 2 lovely ladies filed and polished and a 3rd blow dried my hair felt utterly indulgent and ever so slightly surreal – and not having to stare at myself in a mirror during the process as in a usual hair salon meant I was soon able to zone out and relax without studying the latest wrinkles to have appeared.

DSC_1716I was rather aptly drawn to Essie’s ‘I need a vacation’ nail polish, a pretty candy pink that was expertly applied to my hands and feet while I sipped a very delicious latte and watched Great Expectations on a tv positioned above a fake-in-a-cute-way fireplace. Total heaven. Until my mama bat ears tuned into the unmistakable sound of my 4 year old wailing that his little brother had bitten him coming from next door, quickly joined by my daughter (who likes to prove that she can shout just as loud even though she’s the youngest). Ready to spring into referee mode, I was stopped in my tracks by the Caboodle angels who assured me that their colleagues in the play area would handle it – and they were right – the screaming stopped, laughter rang out and peace resumed and mama was so grateful that someone else could deal with it for a change!

With bouncy hair and a bounce in our step we headed out of the door a totally different family to the one who had walked in an hour earlier – happy and relaxed with huge smiles on our faces. An expensive treat but one to indulge in every now and then, Caboodle offers valuable ‘me’ time both for the kiddos and for mama!

Caboodle Citywalk, Jumeirah 1
Telephone:(+971) (0) 4344 4570 

Opening hours:
Everyday : 9am-10pm

1 hr of playtime costs AED 70 per child or AED 50 per child if mama books a treatment
Blow dry AED 160
Manicure AED 70
Pedicure AED 85
Mama time and happy kids – priceless!


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