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 All babies need a safe, warm way to travel

Cristal Logothetis is a mama from California who wanted to help refugee families looking for asylum traveling hundreds of miles with their most precious possessions in their arms – their children. She founded Carry the Future, a non-profit, international volunteer organisation who collect and personally distribute baby carriers to refugee families fleeing violence, oppression and persecution to aid refugees in their journeys to safety. Needless to say, we are in complete support of this initiative at Sassy Mama!

She initially flew to Greece with nine other volunteers (all fellow mamas) to hand out 2000 donated baby carriers to 2000 refugee families. Cristal and her teamed arrived at Port Pireus in Athens waiting for The Blue Star Ferries who were carrying 1400 refugees at a time from the Island of Lesbos in order to hand out the carriers.

The volunteers attached the carriers onto mothers and fathers who stepped off the ferry. Carrying even the smallest infant in your arms would drain energy after traveling for days – the parents are physically (and mentally) exhausted. A simple idea of a baby carrier is the safest and warmest way to travel to safety.


International award winning brand Boba has stepped in to assist Carry The Future by providing Carriers. ‘The Boba 4G Carrier 4G includes more than a dozen features making this carrier truly one of a kind! Ideal for babies and toddlers alike, the Boba Carrier may be converted to a newborn carrier without an infant insert or any additional items, and can be used all the way into toddlerhood. The ergonomic design, with multiple adjustments makes this carrier the perfect fit for your entire family.

Boba is a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) that is intended for babies and children between 7-45lbs. The footstraps, not only, give tired little legs a rest, but also support the legs in a flexed abducted (froglike) position which naturally tilts the pelvis, fills out the hip sockets, and aligns the spine. Definitely, a mama-approved way to travel. Plus, the new infant conversion option allows you to use the Boba Carrier 4G with babies over 7lbs. The best part is that there is absolutely no insert or accessory needed! Boba has a few extra inches of height to keep your centre of gravity closer to your body and support your little one’s back. Boba have donated many carriers to Carry The Future as the safest way to transport your child. Boba have teamed up with based in Dubai and in Kuwait by offering 35% off all baby carriers.

How can you help support Carry The Future:

1. Buy a boba carrier online at or who will then deliver them directly to a representative from Carry The Future

2. Donate your used baby carrier to Carry The Future by dropping it off at The Change Initiative on Shk Zayed Road.

3. Spread the word


Carry the Future has received approximately 30,000 baby carriers since they launched in September 2015. They have personally fitted close to a third of that amount, but with the refugee crisis escalating as quickly as it has, they now sponsor teams of volunteers to personally fit the refugee families arriving in Greece daily. The CTF motto is that “The Children of Today are the Civilization of Tomorrow.” With that in mind, we work to secure a safer and brighter future for the most vulnerable (and precious) among us… our children.

Find out more about Carry The Future at
Find out more about boba at
Show your support on their different Facebook pages at: Carry the future internationalCarry the future volunteersCarry the future UAE


All photos via Carry The Future

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