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Children Learn More In Their First Five Years Than At Any Other Time In Their Lives…

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How Kids First Group Can Give Your Kids The Best Start In Life

Mamas with preschoolers, listen up! If you’re debating whether to send your little people off to nursery (we know, it’s hard) or if you need to make the move and find the perfect place to care for them – be it for a couple of days a week or more, we’re here to help. Kids First Group is a company committed to offering the very best in early years education through their nursery brands; Willow, Odyssey, Redwood, Kids Cottage and Ladybird, each offering something different – whether you’re looking for Montessori, EYFS or Tri lingual options.


And here’s the part you need to pay attention to, mamas. The first five years of a child’s life are fundamentally important and are the foundation that shapes their future health, happiness, growth, development and learning achievement not only at school but also within the family and beyond. In fact, did you know that our children learn more in those first five years than at any other time in their lives? Wow. With this as their motivation, Kids First Group wants to ensure the very best start for each and every kiddo – so that they’re set up to flourish and be amazing! Their mission is not only to provide the best facilities in nursery and pre-school education but also to ensure the sustained well-being of every petit pupil through innovative and progressive learning environments. What’s not to love?


By providing children with a whole range of experiences, in the most awesome settings, each designed to stimulate and inspire – and through a team of highly qualified and genuinely lovely staff, Kids First aim to be pioneers in their field. And their ethos? Children always come first. Sending your darling little one to the nursery is a huge and very important decision – but to know that their needs will come before anything else? You can’t get better than that.

For more information on the Kids First Group of nurseries and to register with them for free please visit

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