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Clementine: Why This Mama-Started App Is A Must For All Women

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An app that not only helps you sleep and de-stress but also deals with building confidence and restoring calm in those ‘about to have a meltdown’ moments? Clementine does all this and so much more.

I was intrigued when I heard about Clementine. Not only is it being hailed as a total game changer with how most of us mamas handle stress and sleep (or lack of!) but also in a really innovative non-hippyish way that totally appeals. Beautifully designed, so simple to use and so very VERY effective, Clementine really has helped me to reset when I’ve needed to and to sleep so much better too, even helping me get back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night with my mind racing (for that alone I am eternally grateful and a fan for life!). The app allows you to select a ‘session’ based on how you’re feeling – whether you’ve had a tough day at work or you’re about to lose your cool with the kids – helping you deal with the situation perfectly (there’s even a ‘power-nap’ session if your kids have kept you up all night).
Created by mama Kim Palmer whose anxiety rocketed while trying to juggle work with motherhood, Clementine is all about helping modern women cope with feeling overwhelmed. You can download the app   via iTunes and get a month’s free trial in the UAE before being asked if you want to continue and subscribe for just AED 24.99 per month – and trust me, you’ll want to. Kim tells us a little more about the app and how it came about.

clementine app for modern womenWhy I started Clementine

Clementine is an app for women who are lacking confidence, want better sleep or feel really stressed and need some help to feel calmer. This month, it was voted ‘top seven apps every woman should own’ by The Guardian Newspaper in the UK, which is so exciting as it only launched in November.

It came about after my own mental break-down. I was pregnant, pushing for a promotion, and not eating or sleeping properly. I went into a big important meeting and had a full-on panic attack. It was horrendous – embarrassing and scary. Soon after this, I went on maternity leave thinking things would improve but they got worse. I could barely leave the house, for fear of having another panic attack (which I did, most days).

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The only thing that helped to pull me out of this dark hole was hypnotherapy. After a few sessions, I could feel the old ‘me’ returning. A few more and I had the idea of helping other women who are struggling, by turning these sessions into audio recordings and building an app. Not long after, Clementine was in production. And now it’s being used around the world, curing women’s insomnia and enabling them to feel confident on their way into work, or while looking after the kids at home.

My son’s now three, and I’m pregnant with my second baby (due in March). It’s full-on but so worth it, if I can help other women to cope with the daily grind of life.

What I hope to achieve

I’m on a mission to help other women to feel better in their day-to-day life.  It all starts with the app but I have a much bigger vision of building a community that supports women not only with the hypnotherapy sessions but useful advice and tips, training, inspiration and connections with other women all in the same boat.  This will take time but that’s where I’d love to take this mission.

clementine app for all modern women and mamas

You can download the app here.

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