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Our Favourite Sassy Mama Summer Hairstyles!

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daz dcgWe’re all starting to feel the heat and it looks like it’s going to be a scorcher this year so Darrin from Daz Hair has rounded up a few of his favourite summer hairstyles that’ll keep you looking fresh while also getting that hair away from your face and neck. From page boy looks to pixie cuts to concave bobs, this season is all about going short so don’t be afraid to let your hairdresser snip away at your long locks! You’ll feel loads lighter and ready to rock a stylish new look for the summer season.

daz 1

1. Go for soft, tapered chin-length layers with a graduated neck line and deep bangs(fringe) brushed forward to softly frame the face. This look will give a nice profile line from a clean soft nape through to the moving layers in the front. The nice thing about this look is that it’s extremely versatile and can go from clean and sleek to slightly messy with texture in no time — a great choice for mums who like a little variation!

daz 2Image sourced from Shutterstock

2. A modern variation of the page boy look is another clean and classic style that is great for that cool and confident look. The sleek, wet look is hot this season so this can be incorporated into this simple style to give it a bit more of that celebrity status. The modern pageboy has a blunter base line at the nape and soft layers with a longer side swept fringe. Longer sides tucked behind the ears give that clean look of confidence to finish it off. This look will need a little work but some quick tips would be to simply damp the hair in the morning (to settle all those bed head locks) and slick the hair with some shiny pomade or even some leave-in conditioner.

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3. For edgier mamas, try out a concave disconnected textured bob, which is shorter in the back with triangular layers giving soft texture and a longer line to the front. Finish the look off with a longer side fringe to soften the face. For those mums who are comfortable with going a little messy, this is a great look as the back bed head can be used to add to the style and the softer layers in front will keep you looking fresh. Add a little ‘dust’ or dry shampoo to maintain the disconnected texture in the back while a little serum is great for keeping smoothness up front.

daz 4

4. I also love the pixie variations we’re seeing a lot of this season. This is one of my favourite looks and is very easy to manage for those super mums with the nerves of steel to cut it all off! The softer, tapered versions of this look are great for stylish mums on the run. A quick mist of water and a ruffle of paste and you are off! Despite the shortness of this style you can add some variety by going a little asymmetric in the front or changing the amount of texture for different finishes. It’s a great look that gives comfort and confidence.

daz 5

5. The bob has been back in the fashion scene for a couple of years now but for 2014, they just got edgy. Layer them up and go for a shorter choppy fringe or bangs. Taking the fringe wider, shorter and choppier can really give some style to a simple bob whilst giving more focus on the eyes.

What I love most about these styles is the versatility of them all. They are all fresh, fun, stylish and great for the busy mum. With minimal effort, these looks can be transformed to work with any occasion so don’t get stuck always trying to get it to look how it did when you left the salon because as we know, that just ain’t gonna happen.

Shampoo Savers

With an increase in heat and humidity, the desire to wash your hair more frequently is often over taken by the needs of feeding, changing diapers and cleaning bottles, so let’s look at a couple of time-saving alternatives:

daz 6

Dry shampoo — yes, it’s back with a vengeance. Dry shampoo is not a new revolution but one that has been long forgotten until recent years (your grandmothers may have a stash somewhere). It can be found in either powder or spray form — the latter is my preference due to the easier application and control of product. Dry shampoo basically soaks up the oil and dirt on the scalp, making it feel and look clean. For busy mums it’s a miracle product that can save you precious time. It can be used a couple of times before you need to wash with traditional shampoo but I would not recommend trying to extend it beyond two times. Dry shampoo not only works to help remove the oil and freshen the hair but it can actually help add a little volume and style support too. My favourite is the Fudge Dry Shampoo in spray form — it’s easy to use, easy to wash out and gets the job done!

Another simple fix to save you time dealing with hair styling is to keep a spray bottle handy filled with water. A quick spritz and your locks will at least be tame enough to allow you out in public. Add a little leave-in conditioner or pomade to give you this season’s slick, back-run hair.

For those with a more edgy or layered look, a spritz with some sea salt spray combined with an upside down blast with your dryer will give a sudden boost of volume and texture. Go crazy with it and blast it at full speed for a few minutes to get the most ’root’ volume as possible. You can easily tame the hair down a little with your fingers once you flip back up.

Long Hair Styling Tips

For those of you who are too attached to your hair length, don’t fret! I have a few hot styles for you to try that will let you keep your long locks while staying cool. As a bonus, they’re also baby-proof too!

daz 7

One of the simplest yet hottest looks of summer is the pony tail. Keep it low to the nape to get the runway look of the season and use a little leave-in conditioner, shine spray or light hair spray to keep the top neat and tidy. To add extra security from your little ones grabbing everywhere, secure your low pony to one side. Double-tie your pony for another dimension of style. Or, tie another band mid-way or two-thirds of the way down the pony to create a simple yet stylish finish to your tail. It’s simple, elegant and little monster-proof.

daz 8

Braids are another big hit this season for long hair which again adds that extra child proofing. Despite what you might think, braids or plaits are very versatile and add a ton of style. In my opinion, the loose, messy braid is the way to go, so for those of you who’re not so proficient at braiding, you can’t go wrong. If you have trouble braiding or can’t quite get your fingers working then just use two sections and simply crisscross the hair over and over, then secure the end. Go back and pull a little through the twists to loosen the bind and you are good-to-go. For a little more grip, add some ‘dust’ so the hair grips together and secures more easily. Try Dust it by Schwarzkopf (it looks like a little red salt shaker).

daz 9

pony twist takes a few minutes longer but can be well worth the effort. Pull your hair back into a pony (mid or high) and secure with your desired band. Start at the base of the tie and twist the hair. Keep twisting until the hair starts to turn on itself and wrap it. Secure with a band and there you have it! Cool, out-of-the-way hair.

One simple yet elegant accessory that works wonders for long hair is the thick elastic hair band. It’s a great must-have hair accessory for any busy mum. You can mix this up with the pony or the braid or simply just let your hair go natural behind it. Many celebrity mums use this simple tool. Plain solid colours work best in my opinion but feel free to mix it up. These bands keep the hair clean off the face and push the length more to the centre back, making it easier for you to get that fresh, summer look!

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daz picDarrin Usher is an Australian celebrity hairstylist. Establishing himself in HK in the 90′s, he is the founder of several famous hair salons including The Barbershop, The Hairdressers and DAZ in both Hong Kong and Shanghai. Darrin is well known for complementing his solid technical background in cutting and colouring with his creativity and vision. He splits his time between HK and Shanghai.

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